The Pro-Lifery Don't Stop Over Winter Break: It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since the first day of school: WINTER BREAK! Going home for the holidays is a much-needed break from schoolwork... but don’t leave your pro-life mission in your backpack next to the Calculus textbook. I was guilty of making that mistake during my first semester at college; it’s easy to lump the pro-life work you do at school in with the daily grind of homework and tests.  But working to save the preborn from abortion is not just another essay or class presentation. In fact, doing this work should be far from routine. Not to be dramatic, but there are hundreds of people dying from abortion every day. Keeping our calling to this mission close to our heart and never forgetting why we do what we do – here are some great ways to keep fighting for the preborn over winter break: 

Volunteer at your Local Pregnancy Resource Center 

There’s nothing that will give you the holiday warm fuzzies like helping a pregnancy center sort baby clothes! PRCs are likely to have extra donations during this season, so chances are they would really appreciate the help.

Call your Regional Coordinator 

Your SFLA Regional Coordinator works for you full-time. So they are bored and lonely when you are away from school for a while. Call them up! Do it to get inspired, recap the semester, plan next semester, or even just to chat.  

Prepare for the March for Life/SFLA Conference 

A little teeny event called the March for Life (or Walk for Life, for our Westerners) is coming up in January. Use this downtime to make sure all your details are in order. It’s also a great time to read up about the SFLA Conference and buy your tickets if you haven’t already.  

Plan Your Next Semester 

Even if you aren’t part of the leadership board for your campus pro-life group, get out a notebook and just brainstorm the things you’d like to do for the rest of the school year. You never know – an awesome new idea might hit you! Again, don’t forget about your lonely Regional Coordinator who would love to help with that.  

Read a New Pro-Life Book (or Two) 

Reading for fun isn’t for everyone, but if you are the type, find a pro-life book you haven’t read before. There are great apologetics books, personal testimonies from post-abortive women or former clinic staff, and so much more. A few examples are Persuasive Pro-Life by Trent Horn, Why Pro-Life? By Randy Alcorn, and The Walls are Talking by Abby Johnson. These are just a few – definitely look up which pro-life topic interests you most!  

Troll the Abortion Industry 

Does Planned Parenthood have an event happening locally during your winter break? Is the local restaurant doing a fundraiser that supports abortion? Do you have thumbs and access to a computer? If there is something pro-abortion going on while you’re at home, provide a peaceful pro-life presence. If there isn’t, hop online and troll pro-abortion pages. Nothing kills time like pointing out Planned Parenthood’s fibs.  

Witness or Sidewalk Counsel Outside Abortion Facility 

If you have a local abortion facility (hopefully not), spend some time on the sidewalk. The school year may be too busy for you to have spent some time just... being. Personally, nothing ignites my passion for the pro-life cause more than visiting the places that commit abortions.     For the pro-life movement, there is no break. Not until every life is valued and safe from an untimely end. So enjoy your winter break – relax, unwind, and eat too much. But don’t ever take a break from fighting for the little guys who can’t fight for themselves.  

Have your own ideas about what pro-life stuff to do over break? Hit me up and I might add it to our list! 

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May 1, 2018