Violent Pro-Choicers RIP DOWN Pro-Life Signs, Pro-Life Students Put Up Even More!: Violent thieves at Miami-University in Oxford tore down signs put up by the Students for Life group on campus, advertising Kristan Hawkins’ upcoming Lies Feminists Tell speech on April 25th. Presumably, they were upset that their safe spaces and cocoons were being pierced by the presence of a conservative woman talking about abolishing abortion. Evidently, their leftist professors never quite taught them how to deal with differing opinions on campus. But, not to be deterred, the Students for Life group HIT BACK EVEN HARDER, putting up more signs on campus. Ellie Wittman, the president of Miami Students for Life noted, “While violent leftist thugs tried to stop us from advertising, they only brought more attention to the event. We knew that we could not left anti-free speech agitators set the terms of debate, so we put up even more signs around campus.” While the identity of the thieves is not known, we know that crybaby pro-choice students have been angry about Kristan’s planned speech. On the Facebook event, they were taking out their emotions, writing things like, How about now, have you cancelled now? Also who here is ready to protest this ugly event? DM ME AND WE WILL ORGANIZE WITH STUDENT UNION!! #prowomen is #prochoice and #prochildren.” Another student, Lexi Scherzinger, a student at Miami-University, boasted on Facebook about ripping down the posters.     Students for Life of America rejects this violence seen from leftist, anti-free speech agitators. We encourage open and thoughtful debate. Upcoming Lies Feminists Tell tour stops include Western Washington University and University of Wyoming. If you wish to share this blog in its entirety please e-mail Matt Lamb at [email protected] for permission.
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March 20, 2018