Pro-Choice Student Cancels Planned Parenthood Appointment After Seeing Students For Life Display: Last week, SFLA launched our Spring 2019 Tour Display: the Planned Parenthood Truth tour! Already, this tour has visited multiple campuses nationwide, shocking students with facts about Planned Parenthood’s dirty business.  Campuses visited so far include Mizzou, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Augusta University, and Cal-State Fullerton.  St. Louis Regional Coordinator Elizabeth Hill has had an especially interesting time doing the tour on Missouri campuses. Students for Life Coordinators take note of the hearts and minds we change on campus, and with this tour, Elizabeth has already reported a record 50% of minds changed! HALF of the people who heard the truth about Planned Parenthood changed their minds about them.   And Elizabeth’s stories don’t stop there. Earlier this week, she shared this encounter:   Just as we were packing up the display equipment, we were approached by a young black woman, who asked us what our display was about. We launched into our lengthy list of Planned Parenthood inspection failures and how 71 women have left the Saint Louis Planned Parenthood in ambulances and...she was shocked. She had an appointment to get tested at the local Planned Parenthood this week and, as a health inspector's daughter, she was absolutely appalled by the horrible conditions of both Planned Parenthood locations. She signed the postcard asking for our Attorney General to investigate and inspect the Saint Louis Planned Parenthood.  Yes, exactly. When she found out what Planned Parenthood really does, she changed her mind about them. And since her dad is a health inspector, that makes at least two people in her family who won’t be visiting Planned Parenthood any time soon. You can learn more about why you should never visit a Planned Parenthood by visiting But that wasn’t our only victory so far! On Monday, we showed the Gosnell movie on over 90 campuses. Klara McKee, Ohio Regional Coordinator, shared that over 50 people signed up at their viewing, with many saying they were outraged about what happened and mad that no one stopped Kermit Gosnell earlier.  Yupp, this semester is off to a great start! If you wish to share this blog in its entirety please e-mail Matt Lamb at for permission.
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January 4, 2018