Settlement Reached In Students for Life Trademark Infringement Complaint: FREDERICKSBURG, VA (6-19-18)-- An agreement has been reached in a trademark infringement case between Students for Life of America (“SFLA”) and a Michigan organization that was using the Students for Life name in competition with SFLA. The parties have agreed to dismiss a complaint for trademark infringement that was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan against an organization calling itself Students for Life of Michigan, which is not operating as an SFLA chapter, though initially that was the arrangement. The Michigan organization accepted an arrangement that Students for Life of America proposed years ago to the organization to change their name. In return, Students for Life of America also offered and agreed to help financially compensate the organization in achieving the transition. This change was necessary because of ongoing confusion on the part of student leaders and supporters who thought that Students for Life of Michigan was the same as or affiliated with SFLA, a situation made possible in part because some SFLA materials and messaging were being used by the Michigan organization. The pro-life movement is blessed with many organizations that work hard every day meeting the needs of mothers and their pre-born children by interacting with, advocating for and serving the needs of specific audiences. Some groups work directly with mothers and infants; some with office holders; some in courts of law; while Students for Life of America, for example, works within a specific framework designed to engage students. Students for Life of America has a unique model and pattern of working relationships that extends to more than 1,200 chapters on high school, college and university campuses, which requires a formal, legal relationship with those who bear the SFLA standard. With a successful history of working with thousands of volunteers and staff members in all 50 states, SFLA works to maintain its brand to benefit those who interact with our organization and to provide reliable assistance and support to pregnant and parenting students who look to SFLA for help. Click here for a link to the complaint.
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January 4, 2017