THREE Babies Saved from Abortion This Month!:   There are a lot of tough days in the life of a pro-life advocate – which is why we’re so thrilled to report THREE baby saves this month! In the past few weeks, our team has been made aware of three mothers who considered abortion but chose life for their babies after being supported by members of their community. Three babies who get to live. Three mothers spared the heartache. Three abortion receipts the abortion industry won’t see.


The first baby save came from Indiana and followed a wave of inspiration set in motion by the pro-life film ‘Unplanned.’ Our Indiana Regional Coordinator Lily Hutkowski said:
Wanted to share a baby save! Marian University Knights for Life started praying with posters at a nearby abortion facility after seeing Unplanned! They hosted our Planned Parenthood Truth tour yesterday as well.  They even printed the inspections and are meeting with Right to Life to discuss the failed health reports and terrible Google reviews! Five Marian students prayed outside this abortion facility today and a woman drove out from the back parking lot. She rolled down her windows, looked at them with their signs (having seen them before she went in), and said, “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it. I didn’t go through with it.”
This Students for Life group, after seeing the movie, decided to start witnessing outside the facility. And saved a life right away! Their presence at this particular abortion facility is especially important, given that it's especially dangerous. Just the day prior, an ambulance was called and a woman was taken out on a stretcher.

New Mexico

The other two babies saved are from New Mexico. Students for Life leader Marcos Lares wrote a reflection following the baby save he witnessed in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Since my first participation in 40 Days for Life, I spend every Saturday in front of the abortion facility nearest me with a group of other sidewalk counselors. Through that time, our group has had four lives saved (that we know of). The one that makes this ministry so impactful is a girl named Ashley. Ashley’s parents went to the facility nine months ago. We tried to talk them out of the abortion, offering them alternatives and support. It didn’t seem to work even though they were very receptive towards us. However, I sensed a level of uncertainty, so I began to pray that they leave this place. Eventually, we noticed that the abortionist had not arrived and Ashley’s parents had left. We began to look frantically and we blamed ourselves for failing to approach them. Nine months later, on a Saturday, a random car parked in front of the sidewalk. Stepping out of the car was Ashley’s father. He approached us with gratitude and tears as he said, “I knew you guys were gonna be here during these nine months. I’ve seen you guys and I just had to thank you because Ashley was just born yesterday and because of you, we were able to leave this place with her nine months ago.” Since then, I realized the importance of our presence. That we might never know the outcome of a situation but through the power of prayer, we assure that God will heal and protect.
The third baby save is the story of an everyday hero. Not every life saved from abortion is a dramatic saga of a tearful encounter at the doors of an abortion facility. Sometimes, a kind word and a nudge in the right direction can make all the difference. A pro-life advocate in New Mexico shared the following:
I have a coworker who’s pregnant (about 5 months). The father left the country to visit his parents and informed her he wasn’t coming back and doesn’t want the baby. She called about a late term abortion in NM and it was too expensive for her, thank God. She reached out to me and I need somewhere to send her for help. She has 2 little girls and this is a boy. She’s talking about maybe adoption but she’s too confused at this point to decide what’s best for them all. None of her family knows about this.
Our Regional Coordinator in New Mexico, Christina Coffman, and her pro-life peers there helped to steer this woman towards resources that could help her and her family. Oftentimes, it can be small acts of everyday help that make a life-saving difference!  
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October 7, 2014