#TheyFeelPain Tour Launches Nationwide:  

Preborn babies who are physically developed enough to feel pain should probably not be allowed to get ripped apart by abortionists…that’s not exactly a stretch, right?

Students for Life of America does a large-scale campus tour every semester. Some of our hall-of-famers include We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood, The Planned Parenthood Project, and We Care. This fall, we decided to bring the conversation back to the littlest victim with the #TheyFeelPain tour. With many states still behind the ball on passing 20-week bans, it seemed like the perfect time to re-emphasize the barbaric nature of late-term abortion. #TheyFeelPain has already made stops at dozens of campuses nationwide – check out some of the highlights so far!
Maverick Students for Life (Minnesota State University) have passion and zeal for their work! At the #TheyFeelPain display, they filled TWO PAGES of signatures to ban abortions after 20 weeks - that’s almost 50 signatures, which averages to a signature every 5 minutes! Not only did we get a TON of signatures for the petition, but we also navigated many difficult conversations. Many students we talked to who initially thought they were pro-choice, after seeing the brutality of the D&E abortion procedure, were absolutely disgusted, and it completely changed their perspective on the issue of abortion. To make the day even more interesting, there was a moment when a group of students from other countries who, after finding out abortion was legal in the United States, especially after 20 weeks, were completely horrified! They called over their friends all the way down the hallway to come sign our petition. Lastly, we a had great discussion with a moral relativist who lived his life by a utilitarian value system, and we were able to explain our side and have a rational discussion with civility and tact. By the end, our new guest appreciated our conversation, noting how we had given him many things to think about! -Noah Maldonado, Northern Regional Coordinator
During the #TheyFeelPain tour stop at the University of Missouri, I spoke to 3 young, black women and informed them of how a fetus feels pain at 20 weeks. We had a 10-minute conversation about the abortion procedures used and how abortion has oppressed the black community. Turns out that none of them had ever heard what an abortion actually was and were shocked and disgusted that this was even legal. One of the young women told me how her cousin’s boyfriend’s mother was attempting to pressure her cousin to have an abortion. She asked if she could take a picture of the display, specifically of the abortion instruments and fetal models and send them to her cousin. I quickly told her, “Yes!” and she sent a picture to her cousin with a caption explaining that abortion is violently ending a life and that she shouldn’t go through with it. -Elizabeth Hill, Midwest Regional Coordinator
We are so blessed to be able to take such awesome resources to college campuses, the battlegrounds of the abortion debate, and have life-changing conversations with students. This tour is only one month into its nationwide journey and already has made such an impact. Plus, while changing hearts and minds is the name of the game, it’s always a bonus to make Planned Parenthood look bad. Just in case you needed a bit of humor to finish out your week, see this hilarious comparison provided by Southeast Regional Coordinator Ryan Eyrich: Our Display                                                  Their Display To learn more, please visit www.theyfeelpain.org.
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April 11, 2012