2008-2009 Success Stories

2008-2009 School Year

University of Cincinnati Students for Life
The UC SFL group has done a tremendous job this year (2008-2009) promoting the culture of life on their campus. In April alone, they have hosted Arnold Culbreath, who spoke to the campus about how abortion is the leading cause of death in the African-American community, passed out Human Life Alliance magazines, and promoted a discussion on “Should Abortion Remain Legal?”

In fall 2008, the group discovered that their women’s center only referred pregnant students to Planned Parenthood. The center actually told a student that Crisis Pregnancy Centers simply, “push you to make a decision,” and recommended that the student only go to Planned Parenthood to learn what her options were. The group is currently looking into different ways to get helpful information into the women’s center.

UC Students for Life have done much this year to educate themselves, their campus, and their community on the truth about abortion.

Auburn Students for LifeAuburn University Students for Life
There are several noteworthy successes that Auburn Students for Life has had on their campus. They have been able to develop a calendar full of a wide variety of events to engage the various types of students on their campus. They began the Spring 2009 semester by attending the March for Life and SFLA Conference. They have spent many hours at their local 40 Days for Life and have actively engaged other pro-life groups across the state to participate in the event. Auburn Students for Life has dedicated several of their events and time to raise resources for their local pregnancy resource center by hosting a diaper drive, a Run for Lives fundraiser and a silent auction fundraiser in addition to their volunteer work at their local PRC. They have also hosted several speakers on campus including a Justice for All training and display to target those students who are better reached by imagery. To engage the politically minded, they have asked all of their members to distribute FOCA awareness petition cards. Their pro-life film festival and social events have allowed them to address the issue of abortion on campus in a relaxed setting. They recognize that they must develop a variety of events to reach ALL students on their campus.

In addition, Auburn Students for Life has successfully been able to recruit active members and an impressive number of officers dedicated to carrying out their mission. As a result, they are able to establish committees for each event to ensure that they maintain a full schedule of events. Committees ensure that tasks are evenly delegated to the various members to ensure that no one individual is asked to contribute more time and effort than the rest. To learn more about Auburn Students for Life visit their website at http://www.auburn.edu/student_info/ausfl/index.php.

University of Arizona Medical Students for Life

University of Arizona Medical Students for Life

Changing the hearts and minds of their peers about the issue of abortion is one of the main goals of the University of Arizona Medical SFL group. Their group chosen the approach of seeking common ground. This semester their main event was a luncheon with two post-abortive women sharing their testimonies. This event had approximately 50 individuals in attendance including several professors and students from the pro-choice group on campus. After the event Kristen Aggerbeck, President of Medical Students for Life said of the event, “It has opened up more communication between the groups and left people with a positive view of the pro-life students, steering them away from the stereotypes that we are anti-woman, have unfounded ideas, and are pro-life solely for religious reasons.”
After the event, the pro-choice medical students indicated that they were looking forward to co-hosting events with Medical Students for Life and learning more about the psychological effects of abortion.

In addition, Medical Students for Life at the University of Arizona also sought to make a lasting impression on their campus by addressing the current curriculum. In preparation for a lecture to be presented by the Medical Director of the Tucson Planned Parenthood they diligently researched the inaccurate points in the lecture and presented their findings to the Block Director. While the lecture still was delivered as planned, the Block Director removed some of the bias and propaganda from the lecture materials.

As a result of seeking common ground and opening up communications, Medical Students for Life has a chance to make a lasting impact on their campus and to change the minds of their peers in the upcoming year.

Missouri State University Bears 4 Life
MSU Bears 4 Life is one of the most recognizable groups to SFLA because of their outstanding ability to keep their group members engaged and informed about their campus organization and the pro-life movement. 

We all know that students only join groups that they think are active and effective on campus. Through their weekly emails and their Facebook fan page, Bears 4 Life group members are kept informed about upcoming events and the administrative business of the group. Everyone who receives their messages knows that this group is active and will be a wise investment of their time. As a result of their messages and event advertisements, Bears 4 Life has about 12 to 14 people show up to their meetings every week. To help keep their members engaged, they personally encourage others to attend meetings and events. It is important to recognize that people respond to personal requests rather than to mass emails.

MSU Bears 4 Life President, Tessa Marmouget said, “I think that we successful because we are all caring individuals who have built up friendships that allow us to work well together.” Some of their main events this semester have included assisting the Pregnancy Care Center in their annual Walk-A-Thon and hosting a Cemetery of Innocents on Campus, fundraising events to bring Scott Klusendorf to campus next semester, and, to build group unity, they all attended a Hockey Game together!

We also know to keep people engaged in the group on campus it helps to show them how the group is plugged into the National Pro-Life Movement. Students need to know that the work they are doing on campus is important to the pro-life movement and is instrumental to any success we will have in overturning Roe. MSU Bears 4 Life actively keeps their group members informed about what is going on in the pro-life movement and often forwards messages from National Pro-Life Organizations to their group members so they can also feel a part of the movement. On campus, MSU Bears 4 Life took part of the national pro-life movement to keep government funded abortion out of the proposed heath care legislation by having a letter writing campaign to Congress about the Stupak Amendment.

Central Michigan UniversityCentral Michigan University Students for Life
CMU Students for Life is being recognized for their commitment to making life an issue on their campus every day. CMU Students for Life has 25 active members and is one of the most vocal groups on their campus.

One of their members recently wrote a front-page article for their student newspaper which exposed a parenting student on campus who almost had an abortion because there was nothing offered on campus to help her. In response to this, CMU Students for Life will be hosting a Pregnancy Resource Forum to raise awareness of what pregnant and parenting students need on their campus in spring 2009. They will also be hosting Dr. Alveda King, an alum of CMU, to speak to the student body, and hopefully get a meeting with the school president about what changes need to take place on campus to help pregnant and parenting women.
This semester (Fall 08), CMU Students for Life has brought in a speaker on embryonic stem cell research and followed up with tabling on the issue. They have also done chalking to raise abortion awareness on campus.

On top of all this, CMU Students for Life is working on developing a website in order for students to find out more about their group and the local pregnancy resource center (PRC). CMU Students for Life has done an excellent job of raising awareness on campus about life issues, and SFLA is excited about their current efforts to help pregnant and parenting students on campus.

Tulane Students for Life
Tulane Students for Life is being recognized for their effective outreach to both pro-life and pro-abortion students. They have marketed their events in unique and creative ways. Their Facebook messages have included the top three pro-life pick-up lines and promises of Lil Wayne. They also market their events with unique names, such as, “Drop it Like it’s Hot: S’More roast and Juno movie Night.”

This group has implemented a specific public relations tactic with a clear goal of enticing students who wouldn’t normally attend a pro-life event as well as stabling the social aspect of the club. Once at the event, the group members are able to have meaningful dialogue with the students who are unsure of where they stand on the Life issue.

Tulane Students for Life also actively participates in events normally associated with pro-abortion students. For example, this group not only supported but actively participated in the “Take back the Night: March against sexual violence” event on their campus, hosted by the newly formed VOX group. By participating in events like this, the group has shown that they not only care about and support women, but they are willing to have open dialogue with the pro-abortion students on their campus.

UNC Chapel HillUniversity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Students for Life
UNC- Chapel Hill Students for Life has shown excellence in many areas. This group is continually recruiting, whether it be at their campus organization fair, tabling, clipboarding, or going to other group meetings to invite members to come to their meetings. As new contacts are made, officers split up the list of new members and everyone gets a Facebook friend request, email, and phone call from an officer inviting them to the meeting. They’re dedicated to forming relationships with each person in the group.

As a result of their presence on campus this group has been instrumental in changing the stereotype that pregnant women can’t stay in school. They have worked with their student government and other groups to advocate for better child care on campus.

Prior to this group’s activism, their women’s health center was illegally using student fee money to promote pro-abortion events, while directing students to Planned Parenthood. To stop this injustice, UNC- Chapel Hill SFL went undercover, and caught the women’s center showing this unfair bias on tape. The women’s center director was then forced to resign after lying to the school chancellor about her actions.

University of Florida Shoe DisplayUniversity of Florida Pro-Life Alliance

UF Pro-Life Alliance is being recognized for their commitment to making Life an issue on their campus everyday. This semester (Fall 2008) Pro-Life Alliance has created one of the most intense pro-life activity calendars. This group has pro-life activities planned for every week during this semester. Already they have attended several political rallies to protest pro-choice policies, chalked hearts, tabled weekly with questions boards, clip boarded for new members, and held fundraisers. They have also held their annual Pro-Life week. During their Pro-Life week they hosted Silent No More speakers, set up a baby shoe display, hosted a diaper drive for a local crisis pregnancy center, held a candlelight vigil, and sidewalk counseled at a local abortion clinic. They also set up tabling events with information focusing on the abortion and breast cancer link and the racism of the abortion industry.

Their hard work will continue throughout the entire semester with activities such as tabling, clip boarding and registering pro-life voters, and hosting a sea turtle egg smash display. They also plan to participate in the Pro-Life Memorial Day and the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.

In addition to their active pro-life calendar Pro-Life Alliance has demonstrated a commitment to networking with other pro-life students. The members of Pro-Life Alliance are actively forming the Florida Students for Life statewide group. Florida Students for Life is currently planning their first event for September 30th, “Florida Students Unite to Vote Pro-Life.” They will be distributing voter guides and explaining why abortion is an important voting topic. In the spring, they plan to host a statewide conference and a lobby day.

Mary Washington Students for LifeMary Washington Students for Life
Mary Washington SFL was founded by Megan McCrumb in the 2004-05 school year. Their mission is to provide an educational forum for students and faculty, regarding the issue of abortion and to provide an opportunity for activism in the pro-life movement. Their main events in the 2007-08 school year were participating in the 2nd Annual Wash for Life, taking group members to see the Bella opening, attending the 2008 March for Life and Students for Life of America conference, organizing a Rock for Life concert on campus, making club t-shirts as seen in the picture, and holding diaper drives at local churches and stores collecting over 3100 individual diapers, 80 boxes of diaper wipes, 40 baby bibs, as well as baby clothes, baby powder, lotion, and shampoo, diaper bags, baby blankets, maternity clothes, baby hats, pacifiers, etc. for the local pregnancy resource centers in Fredericksburg, VA. Their group meets weekly and has had guest speakers this year from 40 Days for Life, Rachel’s Vineyard, the Vitae Caring Foundation, and Bethany Christian Services to help educate their members and peers. Mary Washington SFL is an example of what one motivated campus SFL group can accomplish in only 1 year!