Students for Life Commends Trump for New Title X Efforts: “The Trump Administration’s efforts to require family planning, Title X, monies to be invested in locations dedicated to helping families is the kind of commonsense we don’t often see in Washington D.C.,” said Student for Life’s Kristan Hawkins. “The Pro-Life Generation will be mobilizing in support.”   WASHINGTON D.C. (05-17-18) – Following the Trump Administration’s announced changes to the Title X family planning program and as more than 200 Democrats in Congress attempted to smear efforts to restore the commonsense approach, Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said that her organization of more than 1,200 college, university and high school chapters whole heartedly supported the efforts to protect life and was preparing to send petition results to Congress in favor of new regulations, as well as mobilizing the Pro-Life Generation to submit comments in favor of the announced policies. The new regulations would prevent abortion vendors from operating a family planning program in facilities geared toward ending life and would make abortion counseling optional (not required) but would not allow for abortion referral. “These changes are long overdue as abortion is not healthcare or birth control and many women want natural healthcare choices rather than hormone-induced changes,” said Hawkins. “You can really see how insidiously entangled the abortion industry is in our government run healthcare programs when abortion allies in Congress get apoplectic because family planning programs don’t require a sales pitch to end the lives of family members. Does anyone believe that the 266 Planned Parenthood clinics that sell abortions as well as birth control don’t try to increase their profits by also pushing for the end of preborn life when women pass through their doors? The Trump Administration has every right to require that Title X programs focus on healthcare, not abortion, and to keep such programs aimed at helping women make a plan for a family outside of the facilities designed to making sure women don’t have a family at all.”

You can see the petition here.

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Students for Life of America is the nation's largest pro-life youth organization. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, Students for Life has more than 1,200 groups on college and high school campuses located in all fifty states.

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