Here’s How These Students Showed The Effect of Abortion: Between 20 to 25% of babies every year are killed in the United States due to legalized abortion. But, many times it can be difficult to show people what this really means, because we don’t see those lives lost to abortion. We do not seem them not being in our classrooms, not being on our teams, and not being in our churches. So one group got creative to show how abortion affects us all.   University of Alaska-Fairbanks Students for Life created a wheel with 10 possibilities, two being abortion, and eight being saved from abortion. Students could spin the wheel and see whether or not they would be aborted. According to the group, “There are ten slices, eight you live, two you are aborted. It brings your odds of surviving in the womb to life” and added that it has been effective at bringing students to the display. Katie Lodjic, regional coordinator for Alaska, added, “This is a unique and great way to show abortion can affect everyone, as well as how we should value life! It is so great to see students being active and willing to take on tough conversations with students.” The group also had the opportunity to meet with Senator Lisa Murkowski’s staff, a Republican Senator from Alaska, several months ago after the March for Life. Murkowski usually votes pro-choice, but her staff was receptive to our ideas. This group has been very active in abolishing abortion in Alaska. They have not only been doing great outreach on campus, but they have also been involved in contacting their elected representative. Way to go!  
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