Will you send a message to Maddi?

Last week, Planned Parenthood released a brand new propaganda video produced by a famous Hollywood director. In the short film, they depict a young girl who receives a college scholarship but can’t attend because she’s pregnant.

Their message to every young person watching was very clear: if you want to stay in school and finish your education, abortion is your only option.

It was sickening to watch. Because once again, Planned Parenthood was telling girls “No, you can’t. No, you’re not strong enough. Pay us, and we’ll make your ‘problem’ disappear.”

It’s young women just like Maddi Runkles who Planned Parenthood is desperately trying to reach.

You see, Maddi is a 4.0 GPA high school senior at Heritage Academy Christian School in Hagerstown, Maryland, who found out she was pregnant this January.

After everything Maddi has gone through in recent months (We’ll explain below), a weaker young woman may have been easy prey for Planned Parenthood’s abortionists promising a “quick fix” to her difficult situation.

However, she courageously chose life.

But now she’s being punished – banned from being allowed to participate in her high school graduation – as a result.

So today, we ask for your action in support of Maddi. Please her a message of support now: http://bit.ly/supportmaddi

Like many Christian schools, pre-marital sex is forbidden under the Heritage Academy’s code of conduct.

But, as you know, in today’s over-sexed culture, young Christians are hardly immune from sexual temptation.

However, instead of punishing her like other students who have broken the code of conduct in other ways (through drinking alcohol for example), Maddi was treated as an outcast – stripped of her position as Student Body President and told she would be unable to attend class with her peers and had to take classes from home.

After tearfully admitting her mistake in front of her entire school with her father – the former President of the school board – at her side, and asking for forgiveness, the school relented and allowed her to attend class on campus.

However, they’re now refusing to allow her to walk with her graduating class.

As a result, Maddi’s father resigned from the school board after the way they’ve treated her.

What more could Maddi do than admit a wrong, ask for forgiveness, and choose life for the precious preborn baby boy she’s carrying?

For other young women seeing all of this happen at their school, which path do you believe they’ll find more attractive should they ever find themselves pregnant and in the same situation?

Planned Parenthood’s offer to “make their problems all go away and no one has to know…”

Or the public shaming her school is offering?

Sadly, we know this happens all the time. Polls shows that more than 40% of women who seek abortions actively attend church.

We’ve spoken to many young girls who have told me their story, very similar to Maddi’s. They got pregnant and were too scared to tell their Christian parents the truth or face the disproval from everyone at their Christian school. So instead, they fell for Planned Parenthood’s lies.

Even Maddi considered abortion at first.  But she chose life even though it wasn’t easy.  She did so because that was the right thing to do.

The truth is, we’re very proud of Maddi and her parents.

An out-of-wedlock pregnancy is never an easy situation for anyone, especially Christian families and schools. I believe we must hold our young people to high standards. We must teach our children that abstinence before marriage is the best, most healthy choice.

However, we can’t shun young women who become pregnant. We can’t make them feel like Planned Parenthood is the safe space for them. We should be their safe space. Our churches should be that space.

Our movement must show grace and embrace her with hope and love.

If we don’t, we’ll just be playing right into Planned Parenthood propagandists’ hands.

That’s why Students for Life is doing everything we can to rush to Maddi’s side.  And it’s why I hope you’ll agree to help by:

1)  Sending a message of support to Maddi. She spoke at our #Sockit2PP rally last month on Capitol Hill and brought everyone to tears with her story. Click HERE to send Maddi a message of support.

2)  Emailing Dave Hobbs (dhobbs@heritage-academy.net), the principal at Heritage Academy, and politely asking him to please reconsider the school’s decision not to allow Maddi to walk with her peers at graduation. SFLA spoke to Principal Hobbs last month, and it didn’t go very well.

3)  Helping Students for Life throw Maddi a graduation reception. Next Saturday, I’m going to be speaking at Maddi’s alternative graduation that her parents have planned. After the event, we would love to present Maddi with a small scholarship for college next year and a few baby gifts at a little graduation reception.

As always, whatever you can do would be a tremendous help – whether it’s $1,000, $500, $250 or $100, or even $50, 25 or $10.

Every dollar you can give will be tax-deductible.

Maddi chose life.  She did the right thing.

Please join us in showing Maddi and outpouring of love and support. And hopefully show other young women at Heritage Academy and Christian school across the nation, that our movement will always stand with them when they courageously choose life.

So please agree take action today in support of Maddi. Go here to send her a message right now: http://prolifeamerica.org/message-of-support-for-maddi/!