When will this stop?

Last week, Students for Life at Miami University (OH) tabled with a display, titled “When Do Human Rights Begin?”. Vandals stole the trifold sign and destroyed it. This week, pro-abortion students also destroyed a Cemetery of the Innocents display at the university.

Here is the account of the student witness of what happened to the first display.

“I was helping manage the When Do Human Rights Begin? display by the main Seal at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio when a blond guy, who was walking past the display on the way to Upham Hall, suddenly grabbed the trifold board and threw it on the ground, without saying anything. As I was unsure of what to do in a moment like this, I watched him rip it in half, stomp on it, and then throw it into the grass and walk away.

“Morgan, our regional coordinator, was finally able to start taking a video with her phone when he was walking away toward the Upham arches, and she called him out for destroying her personal property. He ignored her as he continued walking. I find it disturbing that he got so triggered by our free speech that he felt compelled to vandalize a display that he disagrees with. No one sees pro-life advocates vandalizing pro-choice displays.”

According to Morgan Getts, Ohio Regional Coordinator, “The student who stole the board did not say anything, he just started destroying it out of nowhere. When I started recording him, he turned and walked away. I am not sure what he found so offensive; I would have loved to have a conversation with him, just as we did with multiple students who disagreed with our point of view. We called the campus police, and an officer showed up who documented the incident. The officer said that this sort of thing happens a lot. That “they” love free speech, until that free speech disagrees with their views. It is unlikely that we find out the name of the student who destroyed my human rights tri-fold. Miami University is huge, and there are many students who fit the description we gave the officer. So, without a photo/video of his face we are out of luck. However, we did not let this incident stop us from having a successful display. We carried on, and still had many great conversations!”