When Should Human Rights Begin?







The Human Rights Tour is the newest national tour from Students for Life of America. It is designed to be challenging, interactive and thought-provoking, long after students have viewed it and voted on when they think human rights should begin.The Human Rights Tour was developed to educate and challenge college students on when human rights begins in the scientific development of a human from fertilization to birth.

Many college students haven’t thought in-depth about the question “when do human rights begin?” Science tells us when life begins but what about human rights? This display gives students the opportunity to decide for themselves when they believe human rights begin.

The tour will travel 10,217 miles to 27 universities in 14 states during the spring 2015 semester.


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Sources for the Human Rights Tour display can be found at www.ehd.org.
Sources for the Human Rights Tour postcards are www.americanpregnancy.org.