We’ve been mocked!

You are not going to believe this one.

Students for Life of America has apparently been SO successful that some of those in the pro-abortion movement decided to make a play, mocking our organization and the entire pro-life generation. Watch the trailer for the Mom Baby God here.

That’s right, a whole play, entitled Mom Baby God, mocking Students for Life, our National Conference, and the pro-life students who are making a real difference on campuses across America. They would not be mocking us if we were not moving the needle in a REAL way for Life!

A Students for Life team member went to the premiere of Mom Baby God in New York City. He wore undercover glasses that filmed the entire play, so that our team could see what exactly was being said about us. Our biggest takeaway from the performance – and it seems we are not alone in this – is we are winning the abortion debate because of the power of young pro-lifers who can intelligently discuss abortion.mom-baby-god-219x300

According to the writer, she was inspired to make this play after going undercover at Students for Life’s National Conference and becoming “disturbed by how much enthusiasm there was for the pro-life issue amongst youth” and she wanted to show those in her movement our enthusiasm to abolish abortion in order “to wake up the pro-abortion movement.”

She even commented, that when she went to our National Conference she “was really afraid to see all these people who had just come to the conclusion that they needed to abolish abortion on their own terms.” That’s right, the pro-life generation has been so effective, that our enthusiasm to abolish abortion has “disturbed” the pro-abortion side and made them afraid of this generation.

But here’s the kicker:

The writer admitted during the Question & Answer session after the premiere that she had to rewrite several scenes of the play relating to fetal development, because they were actually causing her audience to question their pro-abortion beliefs.

This just goes to show you- every time you tell people the truth, the pro-life movement grows…. And the only way the pro-abortion side wins is by hiding the truth.

They may mock us, but in the end we know where our final victory lies. And we know, we must continue marching forward!