We’re about to bring 176K baby socks to Capitol Hill


When Students for Life of America launched our #Sockit2PP campaign last month, we knew we could make a significant visual impact when we brought our baby socks to Congress – and that time has finally come!

Next Wednesday, April 26th, we are going to bring over 176,000 baby socks to the lawn of the Capitol for a stunning display of Planned Parenthood’s callous disregard for human life.

What do 176K baby socks look like? We’re about to find out next week.

We do know that it would take nearly 200 laundry baskets piled high with baby socks to carry all of them.

We’ve collected over half of our goal of baby socks and, while our campaign continues, Congress needs a wake-up call right now. In fact, next week Congress will decide if Planned Parenthood continues to receive our taxpayer dollars.

Our elected officials need to see the devastation that Planned Parenthood wrecks on the lives of preborn babies and their mothers every single day. Every day that Planned Parenthood remains taxpayer-funded is another day that 888 little lives are lost to abortion.

If you are in the DC area, will you join us at 1pm next Wednesday, April 26th for our #Sockit2PP National Rally on Capitol Hill?

We really need your help. Getting all 176,000+ baby socks set up and on the stage is going to be a huge task, so please come early! We need lots of people who can help us set up before the press conference begins.

RSVP and get all the details on our Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/746204198871831/

The time has come to defund Planned Parenthood and show Congress that this #prolifegen is serious about ending abortion in our lifetime.