Video Shows Public University Opposing ABQ Late Term Abortion Ban


Our team is landing in Albuquerque right now and things are heating up. Only a few more days before Tuesday’s historic election to ban late-term abortions within Albuquerque.

Last night, SFLA received some disturbing video footage from our Students for Life leaders at the University of New Mexico about what is going on their campus. The Feminist Majority Foundation has flown in and just started a pro-abortion group on campus to counter Students for Life’s efforts. The pro-aborts even have shuttles running every 30 minutes to get students to the early voting centers in order to vote against the bans.

And the “facts” that they are spewing out are blatantly false.

But what’s most shocking? We have video proof that the taxpayer funded, supposedly neutral, University Women’s Resource Center is behind the pro-abortion organizing there on campus. Their Facebook page has ads to the pro-abortion websites urging the UNM students to vote “No” on the late-term ban. And one of their employees even told a Students for Life member to vote “No” on the ban.

Below is a short video our students complied of the evidence they’ve gathered so far. Sadly, we think this runs a lot deeper, but we’ve got to get out there and counter-act their work by calling more voters and knocking on more doors.

TAKE ACTION: Call the University of New Mexico’s President, Robert Frank, at 505-277-2626 or tweet him @Lobo_Pres and demand that the UNM Women’s Resource Center go back to what it should be doing – helping girls on campus, not lobbying for late-term abortions.