Gtown vandals2

Surprise! Another vandalism episode from National Pro-Life Chalk Day yesterday. This time, the pro-abortion crowd at Georgetown University, a Catholic school in Washington, DC, couldn’t resist suppressing pro-life messages when they came across chalkings that said “Love Them Both” and “Choose Life.”Gtown vandals1

They proceeded to scratch over the offensive words (i.e. LIFE, ABORTION) and write
some of their own. For instance, they transformed “Choose Life” into “Choose Women”. They made “End Abortion” into “End Racism”, which really, pro-lifers would be in favor of helping women and ending racism anyways, but this chalking display happened to be focused on abortion and loving both mom and baby.

As Georgetown RTL writes on their blog:

“With our chalk display of “Love them both” today, we send two main messages to the Georgetown community. First, we want to spread the message that life does begin at conception. From its first moment, the child possesses inalienable rights and dignity we must respect. Second, we are sending a message of love and mercy to women. We should strive to create a society where the option of abortion is unthinkable and where all women are able to raise their children, regardless of factors such as race or socioeconomic status. Only then will many of society’s ills be cured, and we will be freed from the specter of death from abortion.”

Well said!

The pro-life group was dismayed by the vandalism but overall was just hoping that their peers would see the love and compassion they have for women facing unplanned pregnancies and their babies.

“We at Georgetown Right to Life will continue to emphasize our message of love,” said Sophia Irvine, president of the club, to “Abortion is a social justice issue, and we hope that we can find common ground with those with whom we disagree.”