A Letter to the NEA from Pro-Life Teachers

Students for Life of America (SFLA) received an overwhelming response from pro-life teachers across the country when they heard about that Dr. George Tiller was allowed to speak at a conference held at the National Educators Association (NEA) headquarters on March 9, 2008.

While SFLA was contacted by current NEA members, we also received many emails from former NEA members who had the left the organization because of its political affiliations and extreme policy stances such as abortion.

Mr. Reg Weaver, President
National Educators Association
1201 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036-3290

March 27, 2008

Dear Mr. Weaver:

As pro-life teachers, we oppose the National Education Association’s (NEA) actions in allowing the Feminist Majority Foundation to hold their Women’s Leadership Conference at the NEA Headquarters Building in Washington, D.C. on March 8-9, 2008. It is not only outrageous that the NEA allowed this pro-abortion organization to hold a conference advancing barbaric ideals, but it is even more outrageous that NEA allowed Dr. George Tiller, infamous late-term abortionist from Wichita, Kansas, on its premises. Dr. Tiller currently faces 19 criminal charges for illegal, late-term abortions in the state of Kansas. He commented at the NEA Building on Sunday, March 9, “If the baby is born alive, that is sloppy medicine.” In addition, while presenting at NEA headquarters, Dr. Tiller showcased graphic pictures of children with fetal abnormalities, whom he had aborted, to make the case for late-term abortion as a necessary medical procedure. He also admitted that he had aborted prenatal babies the day before the mother’s due date. You can watch the video account of this online at www.dev.studentsforlife.org.

We pro-life teachers call on the National Education Association to be, at the very least, neutral on abortion. The union should not be involved in abortion politics for there are plenty of other educational initiatives that can benefit from our resources. However, the past actions of the NEA have shown a favoritism towards pro-abortion organizations and policies, which reveals not only a lack of compassion, but also a lack of common sense. Prenatal children are our future students. The taking of their lives will result in the elimination of teaching jobs.

  • Randall Moody, the chief lobbyist of the NEA, is on the board of directors of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and also on the board of its political arm, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States.
  • The NEA’s Political Action Committee (PAC), named the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education, has given contributions to organizations–Emily’s List (Democrats) and The Wish List (Republicans)–that only fund pro-Roe v. Wade women running for political office.
  • In the NEA’s Resolutions (beliefs) document, the words “reproductive freedom” in Resolution I-13 have been interpreted to NEA Representative Assembly delegates as including abortion with no limitations.
    • I-13. Family Planning: The National Education Association supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom. The Association urges the government to give high priority to making available all methods of family planning to women and men unable to take advantage of private facilities. The Association also urges the implementation of community-operated, school-based family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel.
  • The NEA announced it was an official supporter of the 2004 pro-abortion “March for Women’s Lives.”

Further, it is outrageous that David Haney, an employee of the NEA, would write one pro-life teacher and say, “As you may know, the NEA headquarters building is used from time to time by various organizations. It has been a longstanding practice for NEA to allow like-minded groups to use our conference space and meeting rooms either free of charge, as an in-kind gesture, or for a nominal fee.” The words “like-minded groups” are particularly disturbing to the many pro-life teachers the NEA represents.
Mr. Haney went on, further, to state, “Unfortunately, we have now learned that an organization, which has met in the NEA building in the past without incident, invited a speaker and presented materials during their latest visit that were offensive and disturbing to NEA members and staff. Please know that NEA had no prior knowledge of this speaker, his views and positions, of his inclusion on their agenda. His appearance does not constitute our sanction or approval of his views and positions. Please be assured that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that something of this nature does not reoccur.”

While we have been reassured by Mr. Haney that the NEA will take the appropriate steps to ensure that Dr. Tiller and other abortionists are no longer invited to speak at the events held at the NEA headquarters, we would like to see this incident initiate change within the NEA and its policy towards pro-abortion organizations. We would like to see the NEA totally disengage from the abortion issue by cutting its funding of organizations whose missions include advancing abortion agendas. We call on NEA to propose a change to its Resolutions (beliefs) document which would specifically add the words “with no position on abortion“ to section I-13. Finally, we call on the NEA to remove legalized-abortion activist Randall Moody as chief lobbyist.

For Life,

Sissy Jochmann
President and Co-Founder
Conservative Educators Caucus

Connie Bancroft, Executive Director
On behalf of the Board of Trustees
Teachers Saving Children® Inc. – National

Maureen Kramer
St. Henry, OH

Vivian Liette
New Weston, OH

Susan Halvorson
Cottage Grove, MN

Judy Bruns
Conservative Educators Caucus

Mark Knox
Englewood, FL

Kelly Sharpe
Westerville, OH

Kelly Balmer
Costa Mesa, CA

Jackie Wisman
Louisville, KY

Dorothy Lewis
Jordan, MN

Jill Banks
Flatwoods, KY

Elizabeth Behrens
Des Moines, IA

David Ream
Taylor Mill, KY

Naomi Williamson
Colorado Springs, CO

Williemae Olugbade
Florissant, MO

Angie Morris
Walters, OK

Traci Robbins
Celina, Ohio

Tim Jenkins
Arvada, CO

Ginger Baerg
Mulvane KS

Branson Boykin
Monroe, LA

William Wright
Mobile, AL

Anne Howard
Liberty Township, OH

Garth Hauger
Fredericksburg, VA

Julie Hudson
Hurricane, WV

Marla Mercer
Wellsburg, WV

Jami Gahr
Oil City, PA

Jonathan Hawkins
Gaithersburg, MD

Glenn Walker

Linda Augsbach

Lindalie Halama
Albuquerque, NM

Heather Pollock

Daniel Smith
North Platte, NE

Betty Sumega
Grants Pass, OR

Grace Callaway
Marysville, CA

Kristine Smith
Visalia, CA

David and Deborah Williams
Lawton, OK

Rosemary Wirth
Elgin, SC

Janie Buchanan

Gail Neufeld
Fresno, CA

John Mark Frazier
Brooksville, FL

Rhonda Peacock
Senoia, GA

Nancy Bieberdorf
Naples, FL

Ann Hilderman
El Cajon, CA

Cynde Elkins
Ashland, KY

Becky Detloff
Grants Pass, OR

Alice Mayer
Lawton, OK

LeRoy and Jan Miller
Birnamwood, WI

Jeff Micholic
Wausau, WI

Lynn Burzinski
Rothschild, WI

Jack Overgaard
Mosinee, WI

Richard Crump
Schofield, WI

Todd Burchiel
Carson City, NV

Chuck Hendrick
Colorado Springs, CO

Doug and Diana Thomas
Omaha, NE

Kelli Carr
Montgomery, AL

Linda Mulkey
Soddy Daisy, TN

Pat Godfrey
Stamford, CT

Richard Carlson
Parker, AZ

Marla Savoie

Kathy Herrin
Germantown, TN

Karen Boatright

Sandy Anderson

Kathy Cole
Rochester, IN

Troy Brown
Knoxville, TN

Diane Atherton

Muriel Barnett
Springfield, TN

Julie Malan
Brawley, CA

William Close
Mount Laurel, NJ

Robert Mitchell

Kurtis Jensen
Liberty, MO

Sarah Johnson
Greensboro NC

Peggy Rigaud

Ashley Huntington
Irvine, CA

Erica Breitenberg-Ensign
Peyton, CO

Glenn Walker
Plantersville, AL

Amy Stieglitz
Dubuque, Iowa

Kim Sisk
Chicago Ridge, IL

Margaret Koestner

Karen Deaner
Hedgesville, WV

Christine Scheid
Houlton, WI

Joan Albers
St. Henry, OH

Kathy Kaup
St. Henry, OH

Shirley Albers
Maria Stein, OH

Verna Ahlers
Coldwater, OH

Judith L. Wiepert
Denver, CO

Kathryn Monroe
Cameron, WV

Scott Rolf
South Charleston, OH

Lisa Boyd
Del Norte, CO

Maggie Koestner
Columbia, SC

Karen Boatright
Hebron, NE

Penny Anderson
Andover, MN

Karen Thery
Sapulpa, OK

Barbara Smith
Richmond, VA

Marilyn Heitz
Charles City, IA

Angela Perkins
Dallas, TX

Kathi Schutt
Des Moines, IA

Randy Brison
Dickson, TN

Ruth Boyatt
Cincinnati, Ohio

Michelle Fink
Dallas, TX

Marla Savoie
Lafayette, LA

Laurie Harris
Monrovia, CA