This photo is one of the most influential images ever

TIME Magazine released their 100 most influential images of all time. It’s a fascinating look into history and the power of photography.

One image stood out to us though:

18 week fetus

According to TIME,

“When LIFE published Lennart Nilsson’s photo essay “Drama of Life Before Birth” in 1965, the issue was so popular that it sold out within days. And for good reason. Nilsson’s images publicly revealed for the first time what a developing fetus looks like, and in the process raised pointed new questions about when life begins.”

We believe that it is images like this, and sonograms and ultrasound technology, that have slowly turned the tide on abortion in this nation, especially for Millennials. They grew up seeing pictures like this and seeing ultrasound images of their brothers and sisters and then their own children.

Showing the clear humanity of the preborn child has advanced the pro-life cause and outed the abortion industry for their many lies they’ve told about how the child is just a “clump of tissues.”

This child, and any preborn child, is unique and whole and deserves every chance at life as anyone else, which is why it is so important that pro-lifers continue crucial outreach to moms facing unplanned pregnancies and show them compassion and love so they are ultimately turned away from Planned Parenthood and the mental, physical and spiritual negative repercussions of ending the life of their child.