The Abortion-ization of the Democratic Party

From the media and my liberal friends, I often hear how “close-minded” Republicans are yet for the past several years, the RNC has championed a “big tent” approach by allowing those who hold conflicting core values to run well-financed campaigns for key seats and speak on the main stage of the convention while mocking the base of the party. I’m told we have to do it to show Americans that our party is really the party that welcomes all.

Yet on the other side, the Democratic National Committee pushes the pro-abortion position, no holds barred. For years they have punished their own members of the House of Representatives for remaining pro-life by stripping away clutch committee assignments and withholding campaign financing.

This week they will ratify a platform that for the first time calls for taxpayer-funded abortions in any stage of pregnancy, something more than 60% of Americans oppose, and give every major leader of the out-of-touch abortion lobby a speaking slot during the convention. Oh, and the head of EMILY’s List is a leading candidate for the DNC Chair position that just opened up.

The Democrats don’t care that they are losing in the polls on every issue surrounding abortion (20-week ban, parental consent, etc). They remain loyal to their friends and hope their push-hard-enough-against-a-negative-and-it-will-turn-positive strategy works.

The GOP should take note. If the Republican Party would hold hard and fast to our moral truths such as the right to life, we would have better candidates and elected officials that don’t betray pro-life principles, and in turn, create stronger support from the base.

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