Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my story!

Hi there! My name’s Rylie, I’m 16 years old, and when my mom was pregnant with me, the doctors told her to abort me. When they did an ultrasound, they found that my brain was supposed to be completely liquid. They told her immediately that she should have an abortion because the quality of my life would be so poor with a brain consisting of liquid. My mom didn’t want to abort me, she never even considered it, even though the doctors were persistent. One of my mother’s doctors even harassed her about it, she wouldn’t leave her alone. Still, my mom didn’t abort me. A few months later when I was born, I was completely healthy. Later, my parents found out the the doctors were just using the ultrasound machine wrong, and if my mom would have had the abortion, they would have aborted a completely healthy baby. I learned about this story shortly after expressing my interest in pro-life action. And really, I think it just shows that doctors are only human and never 100% accurate, you’ll never know for sure about the health of a baby until it’s born. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I think telling my mom that I’m so thankful she didn’t abort me is probably one of the most meaningful things I could tell her. And as many disagreements as I’ve had with my mom through out my short 16 years, I honestly think she’s incredibly strong and brave for not being pressured into aborting me, and I love her very much. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my story!

Rylie C.