Thank you, Missouri Gov. Greitens!

By Reagan Barklage, Western Regional Director, Students for Life of America.

Dear Gov. Greitens,

As the population most often targeted by the abortion industry, we want to thank you for your efforts to protect women and preborn children. You have made protecting women’s health a priority in your short time in office already by calling this special session. We stand with you and with our pro-life elected officials, who are back in Jefferson City making sure women and children are safe.

Abortion is not safe, and that has been made quite clear at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood. There have been 66 ambulances to the Forest Park location in the past eight years. Where is the outcry for the women that have been hurt by “safe abortion”?

Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable and held to the same standard as other ambulatory surgical centers. They need to be inspected to make sure they are meeting these safety standards. Judge Sachs wrongly blocked these safety standards.

It has been evident that the abortion industry looks at high school and college girls as walking dollar signs and calls it empowerment. Planned Parenthood tells women they can’t have a career and a baby, they can’t go to school and raise a child, they need abortion to ensure they can accomplish their dreams.

We see empowering women a little differently.

How about we show women that they are strong enough? They are capable of being a mother and a student/have a career/fulfill their dreams and we are going to help them.

We are so grateful for the wonderful pregnancy help centers here in Missouri that are there to help women not only during their pregnancy but beyond. Unfortunately, our pregnancy centers are under attack and we will not backdown until Board Bill 203 is overridden.

We know that as Governor you are pulled in many different directions, and we want to thank you for making LIFE a priority.


The Pro-Life Generation