Free Speech isn’t “Free” at UB

In April, we told you about how University at Buffalo Students for Life hosted a debate on abortion. The pro-abortion side, after being given the opportunity to debate the UB Students for Life group, couldn’t even defend their positions and walked out of a formal debate with UB SFL President Christian Andzel and Americans United for Life’s Anna Franzonello in front of 200 audience members.

Now the debate is at the center of a lawsuit between UB SFL and the school. Alliance Defending Freedom is filing the lawsuit on behalf of UB SFL and explained in a press release:

“University officials charged the group nearly $650 for security officers–one of which spent his time reading a newspaper–because it deemed an abortion debate that the group sponsored ‘controversial.’ The university has no guidelines for such a designation and leaves it to the whim of officials, a practice that the U.S. Supreme Court has found to be unconstitutional in other cases. The university did not assess such fees to a group holding a similar event on campus in the same building at the same time.”

SFLA President Kristan Hawkins reacted, “Requiring student groups with limited or no funds to pay for their own security, that the campus should already be providing, at their pro-life events chills the right to speech. The ability of students to hold events and speak out on controversial issues should not be dependent upon their ability to pay for security. Free speech should be exactly that – FREE.

“Pro-abortion students and faculty can essentially drain all of UB Students for Life’s resources and shut them down by claiming that all their events are ‘controversial’ and require paid security. The most important speech to protect is that which is controversial. UB should be encouraging controversial speech, not putting up barriers to it.”

Students for Life of America continues to stand with UB SFL after repeated incidents and attacks, like when history professors compared them to “those who supported lynching” in an op-ed this spring.

If you think your rights are being violated on campus, contact SFLA at or 571-379-7261 for strategic and legal help, and watch this video about knowing your legal rights.

University at Buffalo “Pro-Choicers” Just Can’t Handle Debate

UBdebateAfter all of the ruckus at University at Buffalo this week, our team at Students for Life is shocked that, once again, pro-aborts don’t know how to defend their position! (Well, not really.)

As you probably remember, this Monday, a pro-abortion professor freaked out at UB Students for Life’s Genocide Awareness Project display.  She called the photos profane and said they were “swearing” at her. She made such a scene, she got arrested for disorderly conduct!

Then on Tuesday, pro-abortion professors wrote into the UB school newspaper to “condemn” UB SFL’s message without even making a case for abortion, comparing pro-life students to a lynch mob, saying, “Anti-abortion protesters appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching.”

And now, we have learned that last night the pro-abortion side, after being given the opportunity to debate the UB Students for Life group, couldn’t even defend their positions and walked out of a formal debate with UB SFL President Christian Andzel and Americans United for Life’s Anna Franzonello in front of 200 audience members.

The UB school paper reported:

An abortion-rights student stood up after the anti-abortion side’s cross-examination and asked students to take a stance. “I ask you students of UB to stand up and leave with dignity with me,” he proclaimed. Stern and Malloy followed the student, upset and flustered.

During Andzel’s cross-examination, members of the audience repeatedly screamed out at the abortion-rights party for being “incompetent” and “unprepared.”

UBdebate2During the debate, a pro-abortion graduate and undergrad student ended up trying to argue that a preborn baby was not human, but a parasite – which is not scientifically or medically accurate.  Question: When two humans reproduce, can they made any other species than their own? Like a chicken, for example? No!

This week has proved one thing for sure – that University at Buffalo has an anti-Life culture that is intolerant of listening to others, but also lacks the scientific knowledge to even engage in an abortion discussion. Amid the persecution that the students in the club faced, they stood strong the entire week and succeeded in all their efforts. We are so proud of our students at UB for courageously fighting to abolish abortion this week, and all of the other 705 Students for Life groups across the nation! Fight on!

University at Buffalo Professors: Pro-lifers like ‘those who supported lynching’

University at Buffalo Professors:
“Anti-abortion protesters appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching.”

Pro-abortion professors were out of control this week at University at Buffalo, equating pro-life students to lynch mobs and getting arrested for disorderly conduct at a pro-life display.

On Monday and Tuesday, University at Buffalo Students for Life (UB SFL) hosted the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) on campus, which features graphic images of victims of abortion, as well as Holocaust victims, and victims of lynching.  But, as we’ve seen time and again, pro-abortion supporters couldn’t handle the ugly truth of abortion and lashed out.

Six history professors wrote to the school newspaper (we encourage you to comment on the article at the bottom of this page) to “condemn” the display.  They said, “we feel it is imperative to speak out against this crass, uninformed and dangerous misuse of history,” but then proceeded with their very own crass, uninformed and dangerous misuse of history which they claimed to decry, saying, “Anti-abortion protesters appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching.”

UB SFL President Christian Andzel responded, ”It is absolutely shameful for the paid professionals at the University at Buffalo to insinuate that anti-abortionists ‘appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching.’ As a student in the history department and President of the Pro-Life club on campus, not only am I ashamed and appalled that my professors twisted our message to suit their point of view, but I am offended due to their false characterization of our argument. We were citing the history of oppression and voicelessness of the victims who deserved human rights and justice.”

Pro-abortion protestors even went after Christian, the pro-life group president, personally with signs showing his picture with the words “Indecency. Ignorance. Intolerance.” at the bottom. He said of the experience, “We knew coming into  this would be rough and I am so proud of the pro-life students who stood up for the voiceless. I think a watershed moment was when one pro-choice advocate told me I should have been the preborn baby on the board, decimated. That had shock value. That is why I fight for the dignity of all Human Life.

“There will be people who want us to fail but we must stay upbeat and positive because what we hold is Truth! We will continue to persevere past the obstructionists and promote Life and Human Value. If we can win at a liberal university, we can win anywhere. We are winning the debate on inclusion and the Right to Life.”

On Monday, another University at Buffalo professor was arrested in front of the display.  Apparently she couldn’t calmly and rationally respond to the UB Students for Life’s pro-life display, she had to resort to yelling and using profane language with police officers. She called the display itself profane and claimed it was “swearing” at her. Other UB students has also publicly accused the pro-life group of engaging in hate speech and terrorism at counter protests.

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said:

“This is not the kind of example professors from a public university, funded with our tax money, should be setting for our students. We stand with UB Students for Life for courageously fighting to bring the truth of abortion to a liberal campus, despite attempts to shout them down, cover the display, and personally attack group leaders like President Christian Andzel. UB SFL is the pro-life generation and they are already showing they know how to behave like better adults than the ones opposing them.

This isn’t the first time the UB campus has erupted after the Students for Life group has done a pro-life event. Last year, the group simply put up crosses to remember the daily victims of abortion and were subjected to the same type of treatment from professors and students.  This campus is clearly intolerant of the pro-life position and incapable of having a discussion on the morality of abortion. Sadly, we have seen an increase in this type of behavior nationwide this year where abortion advocates have become desperate, refusing to address any issues of abortion but personally attacking the students forcing the discussion.

“Abortion is a horrific subject, no one wants to talk about it. We get that. But as abolitionists, we see our job on campuses as being those who bring up the subject and force every American to think about our compliance with abortion, the world’s greatest human rights violation. If the UB history professors had really been studying the Civil War era they would have found that those who advocated against the abolishment of slavery, the slavery abolitionists, were often attacked the same way pro-life students are, as they forced Americans to confront the ugly reality of the inhumane practice.

“Universities across the country need to invest in some dictionaries so their students and faculty can begin to understand what terrorism really is – that forcing you to think about something unpleasant isn’t aggression, hate speech, or terrorism. But attacks like this just further our resolve, strengthen our pro-life groups, and show the utter lack of a defense those in favor of abortion have.”


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