Want to host a screening of HUSH?


Students for Life of America is excited to announce the March Event-in-a-Box, a complete package of all the materials your group will need to screen the International award-winning documentary HUSH (Best Documentary, Los Angeles, Silver at Worldfest Houston, Gold at the World Documentary Awards)!

Please take a few minutes and visit www.hushfilm.com for more information on the film and to watch the Trailer. You’ll see, this film is revolutionary because it’s unbiased, non-religious and completely honoring of women. It takes a refreshing, non-threatening position that is neither pro-life or pro-choice but rather, pro-information. People will be talking about HUSH on your Campus!

Before you host your screening, be sure to participate in a webinar led by Students for Life and the Producer of HUSH on Monday February 27, 2017. This is a phenomenal opportunity to hear more about why it’s important to host a screening on your campus and learn a few great techniques on how to promote the film. To sign up for the webinar, contact your regional coordinator today.

Why Screen HUSH?

A message from the producers of HUSH:
Screening HUSH not only comprehensively presents life-saving health information to people who are in an age group where abortions most frequently occur, but because students are impressionable and vocal about issues of injustice. Our generation wants the truth; we demand transparency and we want to be treated with respect, as thinking people. Being manipulated, or lied to, does not sit well with us! And when we hear and see a comprehensive presentation of material that uncovers falsehoods and lies, we will be on our cell phones faster than you can say “Pro-Information”. And we will be e-mailing, Facebooking, Twittering and Instagramming like there’s no tomorrow.

Let’s not forget that the students of today are the doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers, lawyers and politicians of tomorrow. We are the ones who will be making determinations and decisions about the direction of women’s healthcare in the future.

The “earth-shaking factor” in this strategy is focused on how universities and colleges represent institutions are centers of knowledge, information and truth. Born of a foundation and mandate to honor God in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, universities and colleges hold a pivotal place as gatekeepers who carry authority. We are a key, in terms of the agreement, to release the truths that are contained in HUSH that will be shared with young women and men across America!

Let’s start a healthy conversation!

What’s in the box:

  • HUSH Screening Guide
  • HUSH documentary DVD
  • Sample Press Release
  • Sample Facilities Request
  • Sample Screening Invitation
  • 3 Campus Administration digital download cards
  • 3 One Sheets (for presenting to campus administration or press)
  • 25 posters for campus promotion
  • 25 Promo postcard coupons for 25% off DVD and Download purchases
  • Other promotional materials including health teaser posters, handbills, E-Banner and Facebook Banner

To order the March Event-in-a-Box, contact your Regional Coordinator today!
• If you are a student in CA, contact Camille Rodriguez.
• If you are a student in OR, WA, ID, HI, or AK contact Katie Lodjic.
• If you are a student in AZ, contact Jake Simon.
• If you are a student in CO or NM, contact Bethany Janzen.
• If you are a student in MI, contact Audrey Nitzel.
• If you are students in IN or OH, contact Anna Allgaier.
• If you are a student in MD, DC, or DE, contact Michelle Hendrickson.
• If you are student in VA or WV, contact Lori Cascio.
• If you are a student in PA, contact Angelica Corridoni.
• If you are a student in KY or TN, contact Brenna Lewis.
• If you are a student in NE, KS, IA, IL or MO, contact Reagan Barklage.
• If you are a student in TX contact Jillian Ferguson.
• If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.
• If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.
• If you are a student in MN or WI, contact Maddie Schulte.
• If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Lisa Stover. 

New Mental Health Abortion Study is Misleading

By Ana Maria Dumitru, national chair for Medical Students for Life

The media jumped all over a study this week that claimed to show abortion had no negative effects on a woman’s mental health – except if she was denied an abortion. Headlines like “Study: Abortion Doesn’t Harm Women’s Mental Health, but Denying One Does” ran everywhere, but was that really the story?

We don’t think so.

Back in July, a much larger study – following over 8,000 women for 13 years – was published by Dr. D. Paul Sullins of Catholic University of America, and reported an oppositeaaplogbrochure-250x250 finding and received no media attention (surprise, surprise). The new study from the University of California-San Francisco only followed about 1,000 for five years.

The Sullins study (read our blog on it here) confirmed that even after controlling for over twenty possible variables, there’s still a clear, significant increase in the relative risk of mental health disorders for women who have abortions. And this is compared to women with any other pregnancy outcome (live birth or miscarriage).

For what it’s worth, the Sullins study isn’t even the first study to find a clear link between abortion and mental health disorders. Before Sullins, we had the Fergusson study from New Zealand and the Pederson study from Norway, among others.

A brand new documentary called Hush, produced by a pro-choice woman, sheds much-needed light on this topic and expertly walks viewers through the evidence that abortion is indeed harmful to the mental health of women. Abortion advocates are already trashing the film because the film so clearly presents the many dangers associated with abortion.

The UC-SF study is part of a larger effort, I believe, to normalize abortion in our society. Unfortunately, what pro-abortion activists fail to see is that women are still the ones losing here. When a woman in a crisis pregnancy finds herself faced with her choice of whether or not to abort her child, she deserves to know the truth about her options.

Instead, we’re seeing more of what happened at the Democratic National Convention, where abortion was framed as “the right choice” for “strong women.” Suddenly, the conversation is being shifted to question the pregnant woman and to deny her the reality of the consequences of her choices. So now, we’re telling pregnant women that if they’re really “strong,” they’ll choose abortion, and then if those women experience depression afterwards or dare to regret their abortion, it’s their own fault for not being strong enough to handle it.

What is the outcome of this frame-shift? It puts the responsibility entirely on individual pregnant women, and leaves them alone in the aftermath. The danger here is that our society will start stigmatizing the woman who regrets her choice to abort her child. After all, why would we invest resources in counseling women if there are no possible negative consequences of abortion? Then, that woman, in addition to being more at risk for mental health disorders, will also be more alone than ever before.