January Event-in-a-Box: Legality v. Morality

Youre pro-abortion41 years of legal abortion have passed and still the battle continues. Despite growing opposition to abortion, abortion advocates continue to lobby for so-called “safe, legal, and rare” abortion. However, we know that today’s abortions are none of these things.

Is it safe? No. Look at the case of Jennifer Morbelli, or read the lists of hundreds of women like her who died from legal abortions. How many more will be injured or killed before we stop this?

Is it legal? Absolutely yes. 41 years ago, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton opened the floodgates for abortion in America and allowed for abortion throughout all nine months. While laws have been passed to defend the preborn children, we continue to battle state-by-state and at the federal level to abolish abortion.

Is it rare? Absolutely not. Across the country, over 1.21 million children are aborted each year during legal abortion procedures. Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton paved the way for the death of over 55 million children and hundreds of women, and the death count continues to rise.

Abortion is legal. Yes, there is no doubt about that. However, we know that legality is not the litmus test for morality. The law has been wrong in the past, and it can be wrong in the present. Slavery was once legal, and yet it was immoral. Similarly so, abortion is immoral, and we must take action to change the laws that allow it to continue. This month is your opportunity to challenge your community about the legality of abortion! We invite you to join us as we take a stand against abortion.

It is your time to BE THE REVOLUTION, and to take action to abolish abortion in our lifetime.


Please note: Event-in-a-Box is a program designed for students only. Requests will be honored for active students and student groups in order to equip them for pro-life activism. If you have any questions, please email Beth at bomalley@studentsforlife.org.

May Event: Thank Your Mom for Choosing Life!


To our mothers:http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-mom-her-baby-image28498788

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! To mothers and mothers-to-be, we appreciate the love, patience, and generosity that you have poured into your dedication to your children. Your selfless love has shaped each of us into the persons whom we are today.

As we prepare to celebrate your special day, we recognize that each of you have come into this role in a unique way. Some of you planned, while others were met with a growing surprise! Moreover, we have mothers by birth and by adoption, and we are so grateful to each of you for your part in our lives. To each and all of you, we are proud that you have made the courageous decision to support life!

To our students:

In the final weeks of your school year, we are encouraging you to make the most of your free time and to make a definite impact on your campus. Take a break from the stress of finals, and do something to actively support LIFE! There are a multitude of simple activities and events that your group can coordinate to be a pro-active, pro-life presence on your campus this month!



Are you ready to end your year with some great events?! Check out this month’s Event-in-a-Box for all that you need for showing ways to “Thank Your Mom for Choosing LIFE!”. May’s Event-in-a-Box offers the following:

  • Ideas to show your appreciation for your mother
  • Activities & events to educate your campus
  • Plans to actively support moms
  • Programs to commit to helping moms throughout the year
  • Videos to educate on fetal development
  • Graphics for social media and advertisement
  • Access to material resources
  • Stories & blogs for young moms

Don’t wait for the end of month! Start planning for May today. Check out the May Event-in-a-Box:

Moms- Banner-1




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What will you do to promote ADOPTION this month?

NOVEMBER:  National Adoption Month

November is “National Adoption Month”! Please take the time to learn more about the history of this event and the importance of promoting adoption as a loving choice. For this month’s Event-In-A-Box, Students for Life of America provides you with information and resources to actively promote Adoption Awareness!

Thank you for your continuing to fight for LIFE!

History of National Adoption Month

In 1976, the “Adoption Week” was declared in Massachusetts. Governor Michael Dukakis hailed the week as a time to raise awareness of adoption and to emphasize the demand for adoptive families for foster care children. This initiative gained national attention when President Gerald Ford also joined in support of Adoption Week. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan officially announced National Adoption Week, and it was then later expanded to an entire month by President Bill Clinton in 1995.

Adoption: A loving choice

Children need to be protected, loved, and cared for throughout their lives- both in the womb and in the world. As we enter the month of November, we recognize adoption as a loving option for birthparents that are not yet ready or able to be the parent that a child needs and deserves. At this time, we once again recognize the sacrifices of birthparents and adoptive families in their decisions to provide a hopeful future for their children.

Adoption has changed throughout the years. Now, birthparents have greater opportunities to choose who will adopt their child, and they may even receive legal help and a support system throughout the adoption process. Moreover, birthparents can determine the amount of contact that they wish to receive following the adoption.

While adoption can be a difficult decision for any parent, it is a loving solution for both the biological and adoptive parents. Throughout National Adoption Month, please promote adoption awareness and continue to support birthparents, adoptive families, and adopted children.


EVENT-IN-A-BOX: What can you DO?

What Can You DO: Click on this link for ideas for speakers, movies, and suggestions!
You can also organize a flyer campaign. Go to our Adoption, Another Option page for 2 weeks of flyers!


Adoption: Answers & Resources
Adoption Answers and Resources: A thorough guide of adoption question & answers as well as an extensive list of adoption organizations and resources
Adoption Statistics: Did You Know?: Hand out as educational literature or use for meeting discussions


Advertise your group
Advertise and promote your group with these flyers. Download and print these flyers to promote your meetings, discussions, or events!


For more ADOPTION events and flyers, check out “Adoption, Another Option” at http://studentsforlife.org/resources/organize-an-event/adoption/ .



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