SCOTUS Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch is Awesome

President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch tonight to the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch was on the list that Trump released during his campaign of possible nominees to replace Justice Scalia.

We at Students for Life are very happy with this pick! Judge Gorsuch is very much like Justice Scalia was – a strict Constitutionalist (which means he makes his decisions based on the actual Constitution and not on ideology) and a defender of religious freedom. He sided with both Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor as their cases made their way through the circuit courts. Gorsuch

He is exceptionally well-qualified, a Harvard Law graduate, and a hard-worker and man of integrity. He was confirmed to his current seat on the 10th Circuit of Appeals unanimously by the US Senate in 2006. He’s married and has two teenage daughters. Learn more about him at

SFLA’s president Kristan Hawkins said this about Judge Gorsuch’s nomination:

“We are thrilled with Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the US Supreme Court by President Trump, who is continuing to fulfill campaign promises at a breakneck speed. A strict Constitutionalist and firm supporter of religious freedom and liberties dictated by the Founding Fathers, Judge Gorsuch is an excellent replacement for the late Justice Scalia, and one who has the potential to leave a powerful legacy.

“The Supreme Court was of great concern to voters this past November and the Senate should take swift action to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the high Court to ensure a full slate of Justices. The Senate unanimously confirmed Judge Gorsuch to the 10th US Circuit of Appeals and they should follow their previous example. We aren’t tired of winning yet.”

Plus, you know it’s a good pick when the abortion lobby is already angry: