Why are abortions tax-deductible?

Taxpayers are scrambling to get their taxes done, and sadly watching too much of their hard-earned cash being sucked by the behemoth that is the federal government. While trying to make ends meet for their families and searching around for every last deduction, many taxpayers may be shocked to find two things: That Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor, is still getting more than $500 million of government funds every year, even though they have been referred for criminal activity by committees in both the U.S. House and Senate; and, that abortion is tax-deductible.

Taking the abortion tax deduction is part of accepted medical expenses as part of the IRS Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses. Out of curiosity, what other kinds of medical expenses can one deduct?

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Student Vandalizes Cemetery of Innocents at CU Boulder

By Bethany Janzen, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator for SFLA

“This girl started taking down our crosses.”

While I was driving to a meeting Wednesday afternoon with a high school student who wants to start a Students for Life group at her school, I got the above text from the president of our University of Colorado Boulder Students for Life group, Kayla Kuhn.

Today was the third day of CU Boulder Students for LifeIMG_4325’s week-long display of 1,156 crosses, representing one third of the babies who die from abortion each day in the U.S.

This afternoon around 3pm a college student walked up to the display and started taking them down. As she took them out of the ground, the Students for Life (SFL) member at the display picked them up and put them back in the ground after her.

“I could do this for days,” the student reportedly said as she took down the crosses.

“I could too, but I also have homework I probably should be doing,” our Students for Life member responded. “So when you’re done, I’m done.”

crosses on the lawn


As this took place, the student became more intense and began to pick up crosses and put them in her backpack, stating that she intended to throw them away (two crosses were never recovered).

Soon other club members arrived at the Norlin Quad where the display was hosted and one student leader engaged the girl taking down the crosses in conversation and helped to deescalate the situation.IMG_4319

When the CU police arrived, they told the student that she was welcome to express her views but could not vandalize others’ property (the crosses are being borrowed by the SFL group from a local church). The SFL club had campus permission to have the display of the 1,156 crosses.

The student stated that she took down the crosses because “they made her feel uncomfortable.” Reportedly, she didn’t know why they were there, although she expressed that she was pro-choice. The SFL club didn’t have any signs explaining the meaning of the crosses, although someone from their club has been at the display and available to answer questions all day.

Before the student who vandalized the display left, she shook hands with the club members and departed on good terms. However, in the heat of the situation, the club forgot to ask for her to return the crosses that she had put in her backpack with the intention of throwing them away. If this student is willing to return the stolen property, the SFL club and local community members would greatly appreciate it.

Following a club prayer vigil on Wednesday night, the SFL group is planning a large-scale exhibit today to explain what the crosses mean. The club will have several tables with information ranging from Pregnant on Campus resources to why we don’t need Planned Parenthood and the community health centers in the Boulder area.