What Others Are Saying About Us

Wendy Wright, Former President, Concerned Women for America
“Students for Life brings new energy and enthusiasm to the pro-life movement. They help organize the new generation of passionate pro-life students to reach our goal of ending abortion.”

Phyllis Schafly, Founder, Eagle Forum
“For the pro-life movement to be successful, young people must join the ranks in pro-life activism. Students for Life of America is raising up student leaders to defend and protect life on their college campuses. Students for Life is satisfying a great need within the pro-life movement.”

Dr. Alveda C. King, Priests for Life
“The 20th Century Civil Rights Movement accomplished much with the energy and commitment of the students of that era. The members of Students for Life of America bring that same spirit and focus to the Pro-Life Movement of the 21st Century.”

David Bereit, Co-Founder,  40 Days for Life
“Students for Life is the pre-eminent organization recruiting, educating, and mobilizing students for the pro-life cause on campuses across America. I wholeheartedly support the vital work of Students for Life, and encourage you to do the same!”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List 
“We at the SBA List are always cognizant of bringing up the “farm team” of office holders who have a zeal and strategic approach to saving lives.  Students for Life IS the farm team.  They bring hope, fresh thinking and fidelity to this greatest of all human rights causes.”

Terry Weaver,  Birthright International
“After many years of working to support women in crisis pregnancies, I know first hand how critical it is to have a pro-life presence on college campuses. A college pro-life movement is exactly what is needed to reach out to young women experiencing crisis pregnancies and to develop future leaders who will promote a culture of life for years to come.”

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council
“Students for Life is essential for the survival of both future generations and the future of the pro-life movement.”

U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, MN
“‘Students for Life is an indispensable resource for pro-life college students who would otherwise be left in the wilderness of liberal academia.”

Peggy Hartshorn,  Heartbeat International
“Students for Life brings enthusiasm, creativity, and 21st century skills into the fight for Life. We need this next generation to take leadership!”

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life
“I’m a big fan of Students for Life of America! This organization is doing exactly what needs to be done on the campuses of our nation, and I urge everyone in the pro-life movement – whether a student or not – to give Students for Life their full support!”

Mary Cunningham Agee, President and Founder, The Nurturing Network
“Over the past two decades since founding The Nurturing Network, it has been my honor to work along side dedicated organizations like Students for Life of America in training and supporting local student leaders in ways that help them to effectively communicate the most culturally-defining human rights issue of our time. Students for Life of America is demonstrating that placing values into action in a tangible way is an essential component in helping to build an authentic and lasting culture of life. Where better to inspire a deep respect for the value of all human life than in the university environment where the idealism and activism of young people provide so much reason for hope.”

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, OK
“As a pro-life elected official and a physician, I see the far reaching effects of abortion on our nation. Students for Life of America is saving the future generation by reaching out to future leaders. By expanding the pro-life movement on college campuses Students for Life of America is making unprecedented advances in ending abortion.”

Former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, TX
“Students for Life of America is doing the grassroots work needed to end abortion. Liberty doesn’t mean much when you lack the right to life, and all of those who believe in the cause of liberty ought to be doing something to end abortion in America. By starting and improving campus pro-life groups, Students for Life of America is doing the work that every patriot should be concerned with: trying to end abortion on campuses where so many abortions take place.”

Dr. Michael New, Professor, University of Michigan -Dearborn
“Students for Life of America is working to end abortions in the one place many women decide to have them: college campuses. As a professor, and someone who has spent time on many college campuses, I know that Students for Life of America is working in the right place,at the right time, with the right skills to end abortion.”

Fr. Terence Henry, Chancellor & Former President, Franciscan University of Steubenville
“College years can be a time of great formation or a time of great confusion for young adults. Students for Life of America forms and strengthens pro-life students, encouraging them to stand against culture of death lies with the truth of the dignity and sacredness of human life.”

Former U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter, CA

“Although America faces enemies abroad, the battle to protect unborn children is waged in America every day. In this effort, this struggle for life, Students for Life of America works to end abortion on college campuses. This work is vital to the integrity of America, and for a future generation of students not yet born. The success of Students for Life of America and their field program will enable pro-life students on campuses to work for a stronger America.”

Jack Ames, Founder, Defend Life
“I have worked in the pro-life movement for years with many great people and many important organizations. Students for Life of America gives me hope. They are the only pro-life organization that is actively expanding our movement on college campuses. The students they are bringing into the movement will be life-long activists in the fight to end abortion and defend life.”

US Congressman Chris Smith
“Students for Life in a very meticulous and smart fashion is helping to provide a blueprint for effective action.”  (see video)

Former Congressman Dan Lipinski of Illinois
“It’s critical for the future of the pro-life movement to have young people involved and Students for Life is a great way for a lot of students to get involved – a lot of young people involved. I know a lot of times people look at it and say [the] pro-life movement is an older movement and it’s really critical that we show the country that this is the Pro-Life Generation.” (see video)

Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood Director
“I think Students for Life is amazing. I think abortion will end in this country because of this movement, because of this generation.” (see video)