Join the SFLA Prayer Team

Students for Life of America’s mission to abolish abortion is a mighty one
that requires lots of travel away from families and some big goals. In short, our team of 40+ employees needs your prayers every day.

In addition, every week, we get lots of prayer requests from students who need help breaking through apathy on their campuses, dealing with obstacles from their administrations, and helping another student whom they met on campus that is considering abortion or needs post-abortion healing.

Bottom-line: We need more prayer warriors – will you join us?

What you can do as a member of the SFLA Prayer Team:

  • Sign up to receive monthly emails with various prayer requests from the SFLA team and the students we serve.
  • Forward that email onto your family and friends and ask them to join you in prayer and join the SFLA Prayer Team.
  • Pray, pray, pray

We can never pray enough. Even though SFLA is not a religiously-affiliated organization, our staff believes in the power of prayer as we have seen it work, first-hand!

Join the SFLA Prayer Team Here:

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Prayer Requests


The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe.Proverbs 18:10

For our SFLA Team:

  • Please pray that our team members and their families take time needed to simply be together in silence to hear God’s voice and where He is leading them daily.
  • Please pray that we always see Christ in our encounters with those at our events, especially when the conversations are difficult and hostile.
  • Please pray for the brave students and teachers who are standing for the preborn during the Pro-Life Walkout on Wednesday, April 11.
  • Please pray for our team that they remain safe every day on high school and college campuses.
  • Please pray for our team that we would be led with the grace and clarity we need to strategically battle to defund and shut down Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities across the country.
  • Please pray for those contemplating abortion, that they know there are other options and that SFLA wants to help them choose life.

From our Regional Coordinators and other team members:


Lori: Prayers for our new student leaders in West Virginia.

Pray that God will call new courageous leaders as the school year closes and new officers are elected.


Bethany: Pray for the New Mexico Leadership Workshop this weekend and all of our courageous students facing discrimination from their administration.

Matt: Pray for SFLA staff and students who are wrapping up the last month of the school year, that they stay safe and continue to share our message of love and hope to all those in need.