Student faces harassment because he wants to start a Students for Life group

Update April 11th:
Jacob had his first meeting and 35(!) students showed up. A girl even changed her mind from pro-choice to pro-life! Here is what Jacob told us:

The meeting was scheduled started at 7:00. At 6:55, there were about ten people. I was really nervous and embarrassed. However, when it got closer and closer, people started flooding through the door! We ended up having 35 people. We opened up with The Pledge of Allegiance, and then Sammi Hanson, the treasurer opened things up. After that, I spoke and showed a video of Anna Held [SFLA Great Lakes Regional Coordinator] introducing herself. Then, Randy Smith, from the Meigs County Tea Party (who sponsored $100 worth of food!) spoke. After that, the OSU Students spoke. We concluded with eating lots of food! It was a great night. Like I said, one person ended up converting because of the meeting.

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Original story

Students for Life of America has grown at an amazing pace since its inception nearly ten years ago. Every year, we help students to start more and more pro-life clubs. Almost always, it’s not an easy task and our brave and courageous students confront significant opposition.

Ohio University freshman Jacob Hoback is starting a Students for Life club and this fearless man is encountering substantial hatred and harassment from abortion supporters who cannot stand the fact that he wants to be a voice for preborn children and mothers facing unplanned pregnancies.

He told The Post, the campus paper at the university, that his reasons for starting the club was because he “realized there was no speech for the pro-life activists on campus.”

Jacob, who is only 18-years-old, wants the club to “advocate against abortion, educate students and help pregnant women through fundraisers for items such as diapers and other necessities for infants.”

Helping pregnant moms is something that both the pro-life and pro-choice sides should be able to come together on, right? After all, a lot of our Students for Life clubs do work with the opposing sides on their campuses for this very purpose.

But at Ohio University, these are some of the messages that Jacob has received from people who are not happy about a pro-life group on campus (screenshots below).

If you’d like to send Jacob a message of support, go here.

Jacob has his first interest meeting next week and some pro-choice people have threatened to show up. We are supporting him with our staff and resources.

We are so proud of Jacob and cannot wait to see what he does with his new Students for Life group.