Staying motivated to abolish abortion

By Katie Lodjic, Northwest Regional Coordinator

Motivation. It comes in so many forms, especially when working in the pro-life movement. I see student groups motivated by exciting events like baby saves, a changed mind, or a successful campus display.

Last week I saw another form of motivation. I was meeting with a new high school pro-life club in the Northwest and they were extremely excited to change hearts and minds on their campus.  While brainstorming how to do this they found out that a student had confided in a teacher that she was pregnant and planned to keep her baby. institute

Here was the perfect opportunity to provide love and support to a fellow student and introduce their club to the school!  The students planned to throw the student a baby shower, and host a school-wide baby item drive just for her.

The student group and I walked down to the teacher’s classroom to get all the specific details, and to find out exactly what the girl needed. We were shocked as the teacher, holding back tears told us, that the girl’s mother had found out about the pregnancy over break, and had quickly taken her into Planned Parenthood for an abortion.

It felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. And looking around, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.  The question in every one’s mind was, “If she had known there was a new club at her school that would support her and accept her, would she have been stronger in her resolve to keep her child? Would it have made a difference?”

Although it was a heart-breaking experience, it was incredibly motivating to this student group to find out that there are students in their school who desperately need their help, love and support. That they, as supportive peers can create a culture of life and acceptance which in turn will save the life of a preborn child and spare the mother from lifelong pain.

After this experience, the group is more determined than ever before to abolish abortion in their high school community and to make abortion absolutely unthinkable for their peers.

It goes to show how important Students for Life groups are on our high school campuses. These students are changing hearts and minds at their schools, and sometimes they are the only life-affirming support a young woman has when deciding whether to choose life for her child.

Please pray that this young woman will find healing, pray for her preborn child, and pray for this new student group, that they are successful in creating a culture of Life at their high school.