Rev. Pat Mahoney, Campus Advisor

Rev. Pat Mahoney, Campus Advisor Rev. Pat Mahoney

Patrick J. Mahoney is a nationally and internationally known Christian social, political and human rights activist, and an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church.  Reverend Mahoney works in Washington, DC and resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with his wife Katie.  They have three grown daughters: Tara, Kaitlin, and Dillon along with five grandchildren and growing!

For over 35 years Rev. Mahoney has been an outspoken advocate for the struggling and oppressed in our society.  He has traveled across America and around the world, speaking out with deep passion and conviction on broad issues of social justice.  Some of his activities have included: sleeping in a dumpsters in New England in mid-winter to draw attention to the plight of the homeless; establishing and operating  soup kitchens, food pantries and emergency shelters for the needy across America; and assisting in the development of a program to ship medical supplies to war torn Central America and establishing safe homes and shelters for women dealing with domestic violence.

He was the first American to walk the Dublin to Belfast road for peace in Ireland and helped rebuild border roads with Northern Irish farmers and has worked extensively on racial reconciliation issues throughout America.  Rev. Mahoney also is very active in Christian/Islamic dialogues and has lectured on this subject both in America and on the international stage.  He flew to Florida to talk Rev. Terry Jones out of burning over 250 Qurans which has opened doors to Islamic nations and leaders around the world.

Rev. Mahoney is also a Founding Board Member of The Fredericksburg Christian Health Center which is a medical clinic outside of Washington, D.C. reaching out to the poor, needy and struggling and disenfranchised in our society.  Since their founding, they have served over 60,000 indigent patients who could otherwise not afford healthcare.  Rev. Mahoney and his wife also serve as Founding Board Members of Stanton Healthcare in Boise, Idaho.  This is a life affirming women’s medical clinic serving women with unexpected pregnancies.

Rev. Mahoney as been a champion for protecting religious freedom, human rights, free speech and civil rights both in America and around the world.  He has worked passionately and courageously to see that everyone is allowed to freely worship God according to the dictates of their heart and conscience regardless of their faith traditions.  He has been especially active in protecting public expressions of faith in the public square throughout the United States and created international attention when he was arrested twice in Tiananmen Square leading protests for religious freedom and human rights during the Beijing Olympics.

Rev. Mahoney is perhaps best known for his global work in protecting human rights and justice for all as a leader in the pro-life movement.  Over the past four decades, he has been outspoken prophetic voice for ending the violence of abortion and ensuring equality for all.  That work has included his sponsoring the first ever voter initiative in America, premiering the showing of “Silent Scream” on his local Connecticut talk show and being the former national spokesperson for Operation Rescue.

His work has been featured in the national media through such publications as Newsweek, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, & U.S. News and World Report. Reverend Mahoney has been seen on O’Riley Factor, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Meet the Press, Oprah, ABC Hannity, Fox and Friends, Fox News, the BBC,  CBS News, NBC News, CNN, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, 20/20 and the 700 Club.