Silent Day

Join students from across the nation in giving-up their voices in solidarity with the over 3,000 lives taken by abortion every day. This is ¼ of our generation – our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our peers who were not given the chance to experience life outside of their mother’s womb, the joy of seasons changing, holidays, and family gatherings.

We ask that you wear a red arm band or red duct tape over your mouth to identify that you are taking part in the National Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity. You can also wear a pro-life t-shirt to show your support. Take a vow of silence for the day, acting in solidarity for those who have been silenced forever. Will you join us?

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • “Fetal Development” post cards
  • “Embracing the Controversy” training


  1. Let group members know! Host an informational meeting and educate your group members on the purpose of this event.
  2. Discuss purchasing red tape with your group members, and determine how many members will need it for this event. Buy enough for everyone to use!
  3. Write down on an index card why you are being silent on this day to show others who may be curious. Keep this card with you throughout the day.
    • Pass out “Fetal Development” post cards to your peers to educate them.

Other important info:

Some schools will allow you to participate in this event, but will not allow you to duct tape your mouth because of safety concerns. This is a legitimate concern so please adhere to this policy if it is the case for your school. 


Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.