Sidewalk Counseling

Do you want to have an immediate and direct impact on the abortion industry? Do you want to help women in their most desperate hour? Sidewalk counseling is a way to be on the front lines of the abortion fight and to significantly impact the lives of abortion-minded women.

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • “Post-Abortive Healing” topic card
  • “Pregnant? Need Help?” drop cards
  • “Abortion Pill Reversal” drop cards
  • “Before You Take Plan B” drop cards
  • “Sidewalk Counseling” training


  1. Check with other organizations.
    • Some facilities already have full coverage of sidewalk counselors organized by other organizations. Check with local organizations in the area to see if they are going to the facility and let them know that you’ll be joining them. They may have materials for you to use while you’re there.
  2. Pick the abortion facility.
    • There may be multiple facilities in your area. Choose one that your members want to go to and research which days abortions are performed.
    • Check what kind of access you will have to the women arriving for their appointments and check city ordinances so that you know your rights as a sidewalk counselor.
  3. Pick a day and schedule members.
    • Keep an eye out for the National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Takeover Day!
    • Ask anyone that has gone through the training when they will be available to counsel on the chosen day. You may all choose to go at once or you may want to spread out the times so that you can cover the facility all day.
    • If someone has not done the training or is uncomfortable with counseling, encourage them to come and pray in front of the facility.
    • Never go by yourself. Always have at least two people go together at a time.
  4. Contact the local pregnancy resource center.
    • While counseling, it is critical to be able to offer alternatives to women going into the facility. Contact your local pregnancy resource centers to ensure that they do not refer for abortions and to see what kind of resources/services they offer. Ask them if they have literature or materials that you can hand out to women that you counsel on the sidewalk.
    • Print off the address and directions to the center so that you can easily show women where to go. If you have the means and ability to give the women a ride to the center, that is even better!
  5. Go to the facility.
    • Sidewalk counseling can be an emotionally and spiritually draining experience so make sure you are in the right headspace to go through prayer or meditation.
    • Once again, never go by yourself. If you are under 18, obtain your parents’ permission to go.
    • Once you are at the facility, follow all laws and try to remember your training!
  6. Detoxify and do it again!
    • Never leave the facility sad or angry. Try to detoxify from the stress of the day and do not own any of the guilt or sadness that comes from being on the front lines. Remember that “pro-life” means being pro-life to yourself as well so take care of yourself before heading back out there!

Important Information:

Sidewalk Counseling Dos: Sidewalk Counseling Don’ts:
Pray for guidance Yell
Be peaceful and helpful Cross your arms or appear grumpy
Smile and be pleasant Block the entry
Have compassion Wear a pro-life t-shirt
Stay vigilant Be aggressive
Bring and know your literature Evangelize
Back up what you say Touch the person
Stand side by side with the person Break the law
Show her you care about her Carry a sign
Project your voice Have multiple people talking to one person
Have one-on-one conversations Goof around


Five Point Method – Sidewalk Advocates for Life

  1. Smile and greet in love.
  2. Give literature and explain the help.
  3. Ask and listen to her.
  4. Solve the perceived problem.
  5. Empower her to leave.

Check out Sidewalk Advocates for Life for more information.

Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.