SFLA to host “Election Whine” Debate

It’s no secret that this 2016 election season has been horrible, with both presidential candidates vying for the lowest favorability ratings in history. It’s also divided the pro-life movement. So, tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2nd at 9pm ET, Students for Life of America will livestream on Facebook a friendly debate called “Election Whine” between two pro-life activists: one who will be voting for Donald Trump next week and the other who will not.

During the event, Lauren Muzyka of Sidewalk Advocates for Life will represent the pro-Trump position and Kelsey Hazzard of Secular Pro-Life will represent the Never Trump position.

“We want to show the pro-life movement that yes, we can disagree on voting strategy, but, in the end, we always unify to end abortion,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “Lauren and Kelsey are friends, and, even though they disagree, they haven’t been questioning each other’s commitment to our mission of abolishing abortion, and they certainly haven’t defriended each other on Facebook. We are hoping our audience will enjoy hearing both of their perspectives as well as learn how two committed pro-life activists can disagree on strategy but unify in mission.”

Lauren and Kelsey, while likely holding glasses of their favorite wine, will talk about their personal election decision, and SFLA will moderate the discussion and take viewer questions on Facebook during the 45-minute debate.

“We’ve only got a week left before we elect our next President, one who could literally determine life and death. While Students for Life has always encouraged pro-lifers to vote pro-life first, we do realize that this unique presidential election has thrown a lot of wrenches into that equation, so we want to explore both sides” said Hawkins.

Viewers can tune into SFLA’s Facebook page at 9pm ET tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2nd to watch the debate: https://www.facebook.com/studentsforlife/.