SFL UNM to Host Empowering Sex Week

We are so proud of the University of New Mexico Students for Life group, who is hosting Real Sex Week from March 7-11. A couple years ago, the school made national news when they decided to sponsor a Sex Week which provided objectifying and misleading information to students on sex, contraception, and abortion and ultimately accumulated with an official apology. It was a demeaning event that objectified women and gave them no tools whatsoever to combat sexual assault or gain respect.

But no more. UNM SFL’s Real Sex Week is hosting workshops about green birth control, how to be a parent and still get your education, and healing from sexual assault and abortion. The Sex Week will cumulate with MMA fighter Jesonna Ollis giving a self-defense training for women. How cool is that?

UNM SFL should be commended for putting together a true Sex Week that gives accurate information to students about STIs, pregnancy options, and includes self-defense training – something concrete to enable women to protect themselves.

This is true empowerment.

“In the past, Sex Week at UNM has encouraged students to have threesomes and open marriages, and given students false information on hormonal contraception, while hardly dealing with the STD outbreak, nor providing support to students who become pregnant or are sexually assaulted,” said Students for Life UNM President, Sade Patterson. “We are bringing a unique Sex Week to UNM that offers life-affirming resources, and provides proper sexual education and support to students who face difficult situations.”

The Real Sex Week will be held March 7-11 on UNM’s campus. The full schedule is below.real sex week2

Monday 3/7: “What They Didn’t Tell You in Sex-Ed: A Provocative Sex Talk”

Tuesday 3/8: “Green is the New Pink: Birth Control and STI Education”

Wednesday 3/9: “Pregnant and Parenting Support: Can You Go To School and Be a Parent?”

Thursday 3/10: “What Comes After Sexual Assault or Abortion?” Featuring the Rape Crisis Center and Surrendered Hearts NM

Friday 3/11: “Self-Defense Training for Women Featuring MMA Fighter, Jesonna Ollis”

Monday-Friday (3/7-3/11): Care Net’s Free & Confidential Mobile Unit (STD & pregnancy testing: 8-5pm in the GR lot)