Save MO’ babies

By Reagan Barklage, Western Regional Director

Over the past thirty days, twenty of our Missouri Students for Life groups worked tirelessly to collect signatures for our Fetal Pain petition.

This petition asks our state legislators to ban abortions after 20 weeks when we know the preborn can feel pain. Sixteen other states have successfully passed the PainCapable Unborn Child Protection Act and we hope Missouri does the same. We want Missouri to be state #17.MO Lobby day4

When our students collected the signatures on their campuses, they also had the Students for Life Fetal Pain display set up on their table. This display explains the scientific proof that a preborn child feels pain in the womb by 20 weeks. It also has a medical textbook illustration of a D&E (dilation & extraction) abortion that is done at this age in fetal development.

We engage with the student body, educate them on fetal pain and ask them to sign a petition that will be used at the state and national level to ban abortions after 20 weeks.

Many students are shocked to learn that abortion is even legal at this age. Therefore, this is a very productive display that generates a lot of really great discussions and support for the 20-week ban.

Today we made good use of our petitions presented them during Missouri Right to Life’s Pro-Lobby Day to Speaker of the House Todd Richardson and President Pro-Tem Ron Richard.MO Lobby day5

We let our state officials know that the majority of millennials support this legislation, and Missouri millennials, in particular, agree – over 50 students showed up from high school and college campuses.  We shared that over twenty Students for Life groups participated in this statewide mobilization of spreading awareness to Fetal Pain and gathering support for the 20-week ban. Our students also spent this morning delivering thank you cards to our state legislators and Fetal Pain info cards, encouraging them to support this legislation.

Right after I gave a speech representing the Pro-Life Generation to the packed statehouse rotunda and we presented the signatures, Speaker Richardson spoke and said, “Reagan, I promise you Missouri will be number seventeen!”

We hope that is true! We hope our state officials represent the most innocent Missourians and will never falter to vote for LIFE.

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