Lobby your Legislators

Effective lobbying is critical to the success of any social movement.Lobbying consists not only of going directly to your legislators but also writing, telephoning, and meeting them outside the legislative atmosphere.It means working for the passage of bills you support.

First and foremost, you must generate enthusiasm for your bill. Plan to have a large lobbying day at your state capitol and invite hundreds of pro-life students to meet with their representatives and encourage them to pass pro-life legislation. The more people you have, the more positive response you will receive. When lobbying, educate historically pro-life legislators on the bill, thank them for their support in the past, and ask for their support in the future. Focus your time on those swing legislators who could vote either way. Remember, the key to lobbying is to educate your legislators!

To find out who your national and state legislators are, click here.

SFLA staff infront of the U.S. Supreme Court

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