Baby Scavenger Hunt

This consists of hiding small models of babies around your campus and encouraging other students to search for them to remember babies lost to abortion.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First, obtain 3600 small fetal development models. You can purchase them by clicking here.
  2. Have your group members spread them out across your campus one night.
  3. Make signs advertising your event. The signs should explain that each baby hidden on campus represents a baby who was aborted that day. In addition, the signs should encourage all students who find one or more of the babies to bring them to a specific location on campus. Offer some incentive for students to participate such as cookies.
  4. That location should be a high traffic area, such as a quad, dining hall, or outside the library.
  5. After your group has permission to use that spot, make a pro-life display advertising your group and educating the students about life issues. Set aside part of your display for students to place the babies. At the end of the day you will have 3600 babies gathered outside your display, and students will be able to see the daily effect of abortion.

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