Queens College SFL has 1st group meeting following lawsuit win

By Keri Landeche, Northeast Regional Coordinator

Late last month, Norvilia Etienne filed a lawsuit, with the help of our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom, against Queens College for refusing to allow her to start a Students for Life group. Not three days later, the school relented (yay!).

This week, Norvilia had her first official meeting for Queens College Students for Life.

Nerves are always frayed when it comes to the first meeting. Is anyone going to show up? Did we advertise well enough? Is the wifi in this room going to work?

But by the time the meeting was to begin, approximately 12 new members that the E-board had met at the club fair or had attracted through flyering around campus, were present.queens college meeting

Norvilia, now the president of the group, began the meeting introducing herself and explaining why she wanted to start the group.

She said she’s pro-life because of her own life story. When she was 16, she had found out that her mother considered aborting her.  Her mother thankfully chose life and thus, Norvilia is passionate about helping women in unplanned pregnancies when they feel like there is no other option.

Norvilia knows firsthand the joy of choosing life but also the struggles that come with that. She says, “Yes, we had a difficult upbringing and didn’t always have the shiniest toys but I’m glad I have my life. I’m glad I was given the chance to grow up and fend for myself as I do now as a college student. My mother is the strongest woman I know!”

All the new members introduced themselves and shared why they too are pro-life.

One student explained that she had always considered herself pro-life with an exception for rape. She had attended the club fair where she received a bag of pro-life resources from Queens College SFL and when she went home, she began reading the pamphlets inside the bag. She came across the Student for Life of America topic card “What about rape?”.

After reading it and thinking about her own life experiences, she realized that the way you are conceived has no effect on the fact that the human person has value.  She decided that she no longer believed in the rape exception and was excited to join the Students for Life group.

The group spent the rest of the time brainstorming ideas of what activities they hope to accomplish.

Their two main goals include educating the campus about pro-life issue and promoting pregnant and parenting resources to students in unplanned pregnancies.

They also hope to show the movie Maafa 21 this month, since it’s Black History Month, and the HUSH film in March. Also, they are going to be working closely with the Bridge to Life Pregnancy Center, which is only a few blocks from Queens College. Further, they hope to host the We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood display on their campus to educate the student body on real health care for women.

We are thrilled for Norvilia and think she is a wonderful example of courage. If it weren’t for her persistence in fighting for her club, this meeting would not have happened and this club would not have the opportunity to share the pro-life message on campus and help fellow students facing unplanned pregnancies.

We can’t wait to see what Queens College Students for Life accomplishes!