Pro-Life Facts

Abortion Facts
Facts on abortion. Learn about the relevant statistics and the methods of abortion.

Fetal Development
Know the facts about human development and see the unborn child in color.

Pro-Life Organizations
Links to other organizations in the pro-life movement.

History of Abortion
Learn how abortion came about, and what America has done to end it.

What is a Crisis Pregnancy Center?
Don’t be fooled by the pro-choice rhetoric. Learn what a crisis pregnancy center is and is not.

Post-Abortion Syndrome
Learn about post-abortion trauma and how we can help those who are hurting.

Pro-Abortion Violence on College Campuses
Some incidents of violence against pro-life events & displays on campuses across the country.

Planned Parenthood and Racism
Learn about Planned Parenthood’s long history of racism.

Stem Cell Research
What it is and why it’s wrong when done on embryos.

Snowflake Children
Adoption of human embryos through the Nightlight Adoptions Program.

Euthanasia and the Terri Schivo Story
Read about the threat that euthanasia poses to society.

Movies to Watch and Books to Read

Recommended movies to watch that explore pro-life issues and recommended reading to help you be a better pro-lifer.

Pro-Life Blogs and News Sources
Recommended websites to help you better educate yourself.



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