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Students for Life of America 
Comprehensive resources for the operation of a college pro-life organization, a national directory of college pro-life groups, and pro-life job and internship opportunities.

Bound for Life
Stand outside the Supreme Court, local courts, and abortion clinics with the word “Life” taped on your mouth being a pro-life witness.

Cardinal Newman Society
National organization to strengthen Catholic identity of Catholic colleges and universities. The “Campus Culture of Life Project” teams up with Priests for Life and The Nurturing Network to develop a culture of life on campus, addressing pro-life education, residence life, health centers, campus-speaker policies, and services for pregnant students.

Walk across America with other college students and be a pro-life witness.

Generation Life
events for high school and college students that stress Christ’s Culture of Life through pro-life and pro-chastity work. Sponsors pro-life educational conferences available in the Philadelphia area.

A network of Catholic High School youth groups doing youth ministry.
Creators of the 28-page LoveMatters newspaper insert for college and high school students. Pro-life and pro-chastity statements from famous persons and articles on why true love waits.

National Campus Life Network
Support for Canada’s pro-life students and campus organizations.
Pro-life and pro-chastity website dedicated to educating teens on life and chastity issues.

Rock for Life
Committed to offering truth about abortion, infanticide and euthanasia to America’s youth through music and ministry. Lists pro-life and pro-abortion bands/musicians/entertainers. Fetal development links, merchandise and resources available.

StandUp Girl
Teen Pregnancy Support, Testimonials and Stories. Talk with others that have been there.

The Survivors
Young people engaging the public with a no holds barred pro-life message.

Volunteers for Life
A pro-life volunteer corps made up of people who give one or more years of their life in full time volunteer service. They are placed in pro-life agencies in Southern California where they provide critical services. Consider taking a year after graduation to do this vital work.

Young America’s Foundation
Provides speakers and conferences for conservative and pro-life students.


40 Days for Life
A semi-annual project  to spend 40 days in prayer around abortion clinics, with the goal of their removal from the community, stopping the slaughter, and beginning the healing for everyone involved.

Helpers of God’s Precious Infants
Run by Fr. Reilly, who is considered an expert on sidewalk counseling and clinic prayer vigils, the Helpers seek to promote Catholic prayer vigils at clinics, hoping to encourage women to make the choice for life, to change the hearts of those working inside clinics, and for an end to the abortion industry.

Life Decisions International
This pro-family, pro-life organization strives to expose the evil behind Planned Parenthood’s façade, and produces an extensive boycott list of organizations and corporations who financially support Planned Parenthood.

A group of sidewalk counselors primarily in the Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas. They offer materials and training in sidewalk counseling.

March for Life
Information on the annual March for Life including its purposes, and topics such as “single issue” politics, the “Personhood Bill,” and equal care for mothers and their preborn children.

Missionaries to the Preborn
Christian message of spreading the Gospel of Life through outreach to the unborn. Focuses mainly on unmasking Planned Parenthood and offers insight to engaged and newly-wed couples on birth control. Supports prayer and intervention between women and abortionists.

Monthly Conference Call for Life
Coordinates emails and calls to representatives to let them know the horror of abortion, and what legislators and elected officials can do to end abortion.

Operation Rescue
A Christian pro-life activist organization that utilizes direct action in order to shut down clinics and confront abortionists.

Pro-Life Action League
Organization that promotes non-violent actions such as sidewalk counseling, protests and rallies to help end abortion.

Legal & Political

Alliance Defense Fund
The Alliance Defense Fund is a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation. ADF offers its support to any student pro-life organization in need.

American Center for Law and Justice
Laws pertaining to abortion and pro-life activity, including full transcripts and news releases. Helpful information on what a prolifer may legally do to protest abortion.

Americans United for Life
Provides legislation to pro-life legislators looking to make incremental pro-life gains in their state. Also publishes a guide to state-level pro-life legislation, “Defending Life,” every year.

Democrats for Life
Promotes the pro-life agenda within the Democratic Party.

The Eagle Forum
A conservative pro-family lobbying organization with articles and alerts as well as links to other related websites.

Family Research Council
Summaries of federal and state legislation including an entire section on “Sanctity of Life” news that is very current. Users can subscribe to receive e-mail updates on legislative action items, politics on the Hill, press releases, etc.

Libertarians for Life
Many articles in literature list including human embryology, personhood, “hard cases,” and ethics/bioethics.

Life Dynamics Institute
Active Abortion Malpractice Litigation (ABMAL) campaign that offers “litigation services to attorneys representing abortion-injured women.” Also a Direct Mail Campaign that educates medical students and others about the realities of life as an abortionist.

Life Legal Defense Foundation
An organization intent on defending the unborn by representing their advocates in court and educating the public. 

National Committee for a Human Life Amendment
A pro-life organization focused on legislation and committed to the end of Roe v. Wade through the ratification of a constitutional amendment to protect life.

National Pro-Life Alliance
Lobbying a national bill to recognize that life begins at conception.

National Right to Life Committee
Contains resources such as a  list of all state affiliate groups, federal legislation information, press releases, congressional voting records on pro-life legislation, RU-486 information and information on how you can be active.

Roe v
All the facts about the case that allowed abortion on demand and its effects.

Susan B. Anthony List
Works to equip pro-life women politicians. Online academy to teach the business of politics to pro-life political candidates and grassroots activists. Free e-mail newsletter.

Out of the Main Stream

Atheists and Agnostics for Life
Non-religious arguments and articles supporting pro-life principles

Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians
A group with members from all sexual orientations committed to the pro-life cause.

Secular ProLife
A stauch pro-life group committed to religious neutrality, with information on secular reasons to be pro-life.

Turn the Clock Forward
Progressive, liberal pro-life blog that addresses pro-life liberalism and links to news articles on pro-life issues.


The American Center for Law and Justice
Contains news stories on constitutional and other legal and political issues.

Family Research Council
Updates on family and life issues

Reporting news that affects the pro-life community.

National Pro-Life Radio
Pro-life radio on the web.

ProLife News
Multimedia pro-life news in a blog format.


Abortion Facts
Helpful links to many other pro-life websites. Offers step-by-step refutation of each pro-choice argument under “I am pro-choice” heading. Includes a wide variety of topics:adoption, euthanasia, breast cancer/abortion link, Post Abortion Syndrome, abortion procedures and ultrasound. Provides diverse statistics and “Baby Hall of Fame.”

Do No Harm
The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics has a website documenting the ethical way in which to do research on stem cells. They advocate for humane treatment of embryonic stem cells, and further research into adult stem cells.

Stand to Reason
A resource for equipping pro-lifers with reasonable arguments.

Vital Signs Ministries
Pro-life apologetics, sidewalk counseling, “Vital Signs” radio broadcasts, and more. This Christian organization is committed to both Biblical orthodoxy and a comprehensive sanctity of life ethic.

Abortion facts, information, arguments, videos, evidence and materials all for students.

American Assoc. of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Statements and documents against abortion as a safe, helpful, and/or medically necessary service to women. Database of pro-life obstetricians and gynecologists listed by state and city.

American Life League
Pro-life radio reports and other news publications. Action alerts from across the movement. Articles on assisted suicide, bioethics, abortion, cloning, eugenics, birth control and fetal research. Pro-life store. 

Children of God for Life
Catholic-oriented educational resource on various pro-life issues.

Child Predator
A project of Life Dynamics, this site hosts the results of hundreds of phone calls made to Planned Parenthood clinics asking for illegal underage abortions. Not surprisingly, they found many instances where Planned Parenthood willingly covered up evidence of statutory rape. You can find audio excerpts of their calls on the site.

Concerned Women for America
Includes information and news updates on public policy issues affecting life and the family.

Culture of Life Foundation
Presents medical research on life and bioethical issues, including articles written by medical professionals

Defend Life
Catholic-oriented group around Maryland and the surrounding regions that spreads the pro-life message through a newsletter and local activism, often utilizing graphic images.

Elliot Institute
Wealth of information on abortion, on how it harms women, and on post-abortion healing.

The Endowment for Human Life
EHD is combining advances in medical imaging, DVD, and Internet technologies with ongoing human development research, and placing powerful new prenatal development-based teaching tools in the hands of health science educators and clinicians in classrooms and medical centers around the world.

Feminists for Life
College outreach program helping colleges create programs to give pregnant students real options other than abortion. Downloadable ad campaign to stir up discussion on campus.

Focus on the Family
Nurturing and defending families worldwide, with information on sanctity of life and bioethics.

HDRC Medical Library
HDRC produces and internationally distributes high quality multi-media materials based on sourced and documented medical research in order to equip children, students, adults, professionals, and researchers with current scientific knowledge on embryonic and fetal development, reproduction and abortion options, and sexual health.

Hispanics for Life
Hispanics for Life’s mission is to educate the Hispanic community regarding life issues, especially the hate crime they have been subjected to by the abortion industry and promoters of abortion.

Human Life Alliance
High-quality, full-color, pro-life newspaper inserts to hand out or place in your school’s newspaper.

Life Education and Resource Network, Inc
LEARN is committed to exposing the racism of abortion and bringing education and healing to the African-American community.

Lifesite Canada
Canadian-based pro-life website with current international news on abortion issues. Also has a calendar and many educational articles on the morning after pill, abortion methods, fetal development, stems cells, and aid to women.

Ohio Right to Life
Short synopses of pro-life topics linking to numerous related documents and information. Topics include fetal experimentation (eugenics, the Hippocratic Oath, in-vitro fertilization), legislative action, euthanasia (methods, pain management and alternatives), infanticide (Baby Doe, partial birth), abortion (genetic testing, population control), and human development.

Human Life International
Research papers on topics including pro-abortion violence, Planned Parenthood, contraception, etc. Listing of HLI branch and affiliate offices all over the world.

Leadership University
Search for pro-life articles among a knowledge base of over 7000 articles on Christian topics in academia. Articles come from a wide range of sources. At last count, 237 articles with keyword “pro-life.”

Population Research Institute
Educating the public on abuses of human rights all over the world caused by the myth of overpopulation and showing the benefits of moderate population growth.

Operation Outcry
Collects affidavits of women harmed by abortion and provides speakers to talk about the horrors of their abortion experience.

Priests for Life
Reaching out to and activating both clergy and laity in the wider pro-life movement through a network of diverse ministries.  Includes multimedia and messages from Fr. Frank Pavone.
In-depth analysis of the Roe v. Wade court case, abortion consequences, pro-woman/pro-life stance, lies of abortion advocates and their myths.

Salvo Magazine
A culture of life magazine that covers topics ranging from literature and movies to bioethics. Ecumenical with a Christian perspective. It is orthodox Christianity with a youthful angle and marketing. They offer a special student subscription rate of $15.99

The Silent Scream
Downloadable version of the popular Silent Scream video showing ultrasound of the abortion of an 11-week preborn child and personal comments from women who chose life for their children. Also includes an interview with Dr. Bernard Nathanson, M.D.

Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation
Focuses on end-of-life and euthanasia issues as they relate to the disabled.

Unfair choice
This site includes a number of bibliographies about the harms of abortion, both mental and psychological.

University Faculty for Life
Research and information from pro-life academics, including an informative newsletter.

Pro-Life Info
Information on the abortion debate and the alternatives to abortion.

Women Against the Killing and Exploitation of Unprotected Persons brings attention to abortion and euthanasia, including the sale of aborted fetus parts.


The GIFT Foundation
Pro-chastity message based in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Pandora’s Pillbox Initiative debunks myths of contraception. Offers recordings of the many speakers at the Pandora’s Pillbox National Conferences.

Life Education and Resource Network, Inc
African-American, evangelical pro-life ministry. Research and data on the racist origins of Planned Parenthood and its founder, Margaret Sanger. Other articles compelling African-Americans toward the pro-life movement.

Life Guardian Foundation
On a mission to educate the public that the life of every human person is a gift. Respect is owed to every human person regardless of their state of health throughout their entire lifespan from conception until his or her natural end.

Missionaries to the Preborn
Christian message of spreading the Gospel of Life through outreach to the unborn. Focuses mainly on unmasking Planned Parenthood and offers insight to engaged and newly-wed couples on birth control. Supports prayer and intervention between women and abortionists.

Priests for Life
Wealth of articles on the Catholic Church’s role in the pro-life movement. Resources for priests and lay people. Website updated daily. Includes a calendar of upcoming events and pictures of aborted babies at different weeks gestation.
News updates and information about how the mainstream culture is embracing the message of life.

Sisters of Life
A religious community dedicated to life, offering maternity services, retreats, information on abortion aftermath and community news.

Vital Signs Ministries
Pro-life apologetics, sidewalk counseling, “Vital Signs” radio broadcasts, and more. This Christian organization is committed to both Biblical orthodoxy and a comprehensive sanctity of life ethic.

Abortion Alternatives

Bethany Christian Services
Information for those considering domestic or international adoption, and facing unplanned pregnancies.

Birthright, Inc.
Offers options counseling, help with prenatal care, referrals, and maternity & baby clothing. Helpline at 1-800-550-4900.

A nationwide network that promotes, launches, and trains the members of crisis pregnancy centers.

Heartbeat International
Serves to train the leadership in and bring support in providing supplies to pregnancy help centers around the world.

The Nurturing Network
Help for women seeking aid in unplanned pregnancies through personal contact with trained staff members. Also includes opportunities for college outreach.

Pregnancy Centers Online
Find a pregnancy center or speak with a counselor by e-mail. Also offers information on abortion risks, fetal development and post-abortion help. OptionLine at 1-800-395-HELP.


After Abortion
Neutral counseling for post-abortive stress syndrome.

Former Women of Choice
Testimonies of and support for women who have had one or more abortions. Topics include grief process, symptoms, life stories and resources available.

Lumina: Post Abortion Help and Healing
A group providing referrals for various post-abortion stress syndromes.

National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing
Support for all family members struggling with the aftermath of abortion, from mothers to fathers to grandparents. Also offers advice to women for healing the emotional wound of abortion.

Project Rachel: Hope After Abortion
Counseling and help for those suffering and grieving post-abortion from a Catholic perspective, though not exclusive to Catholics.

Rachel’s Vineyard
Offers post-abortive healing across the United States.

Silent No More
An effort to make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women, men, and their families. Their effort is the key to making abortion unthinkable and persuading society that women deserve better than abortion.


American Portrait Films
Producers of the original “Hard Truth” video, “Massacre of Innocence,” and other fine pro-life video resources. Use them in presentations or for personal education.

Heritage House
Those famous “baby feet” pins you see all your cool, pro-life friends wearing. Online store offers a variety of pro-life products including fetal models, jewelry, literature, videos, books and more.


Christian Medical and Dental Associations
A network of physicians dedicated to changing hearts in healthcare and speaking out on Christian issues. 

Couple to Couple League for Natural Family Planning
Trained couples teaching the techniques and benefits of natural family planning and breastfeeding to married and engaged couples.

Doctors for Life International
A worldwide network of prolife doctors dedicated to principles of sound science, prolife medicine, and Christian professionalism. Concentrated in South Africa.

National Association for Pro-Life Nurses
Dedicated to bring pro-life principles to the nursing profession and healthcare generally.

Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundation
Network of physicians and health care professionals dedicated to the physician’s primary task of healing and supporting a patient.


Pro Life Internet
A search engine replacing the defunct, that primarily benefits Crossroads, but also finances several other pro-life groups through normal web searching.

Pro-life Unity
A group that promotes unity among pro-life organizations on several issues that divide the movement.

Priests for Life’s Page on Pro-life Groups Around the World
Links to pro-life groups operating internationally. Organized by country and continent.