Pro-Life Songs

Pro-Life Songs

Sometimes music can move us in ways that words simply cannot. Here are some beautiful songs that celebrate life or tell of the pain of abortion.

There Goes My Life- Kenny Chesney

This song is about a teenager who finds out his girlfriend is pregnant. At first he thought his life was over, but he soon learns that his baby girl is the light of his life.

Can I Live?- Nick Cannon

This song tells the story of how Nick Cannon was almost aborted but his mother changed her mind just in time.

What it Means to be Loved- Mark Schultz

This song’s story is about how Schultz’s wife wanted to adopt children who are either special needs or ones who are not going to live long because they’re terminally ill. She simply wanted to show them a great birthday or Christmas before they passed away.

Happy Birthday- Flipsyde

This song is an apology from a father’s point of view. He’s wishing the baby he aborted a Happy Birthday and asking for forgiveness.

To Zion- Lauryn Hill

This song tells the story of Lauryn Hill choosing not to get an abortion and giving birth to her son Zion even though people told her it would ruin her career.