Planned Parenthood’s favorite judge fines pro-life activist, Supreme Court appeal filed

This July, Planned Parenthood’s favorite judge, U.S. District Judge William Orrick, fined pro-life activist David Daleiden over $135,000 because his attorneys posted undercover videos obtained by David’s group, the Center for Medical Progress, showing abortion executives and abortionists discussing the selling of fetal body parts. Orrick had ordered Daleiden to not post further videos, but Daleiden exercised his First Amendment rights and published the videos. However, the videos were vital to a pending criminal case against Daleiden for recording people without permission. Therefore, the videos were already public as evidence in the trial, according to Daleiden’s attorneys.

That Judge Orrick would seek to silence Daleiden is no surprise– he is good friends with the abortion industry.

For example, Orrick:

  • Served as a board member of an abortion center linked to Planned Parenthood
  • Raised $200,000 for pro-abortion President Barack Obama
  • Donated $30,000 to other pro-Obama campaigns
  • Is married to a pro-abortion activist who changed her profile picture to a pink “I stand with Planned Parenthood” cover and liked a post about the Center for Medical Progress being a ‘sham extremist organization’

So, yesterday, Daleiden appealed to the Supreme Court, asking that the Court take up his case and protect his First Amendment rights. Judge Orrick’s gag order should be horrifying to any journalist who seeks to do undercover work. Orrick appears to be setting a precedent that undercover work can be suppressed simply because it could damage someone’s reputation, even if the undercover work is 100% accurate and honest.

As a recap, the CMP videos have revealed an extensive network within the abortion industry of selling of fetal body parts and unethical practices, including possibly illegal late-term abortions. Planned Parenthood and their buddies over at the National Abortion Federation do not want Americans to see the CMP videos, which raises the question: what are they hiding? What are they so ashamed of?

Orrick is clearly violating Daleiden’s First Amendment rights to appease his friends in the abortion industry. Does this seem like an unbiased judge?