“Planned Parenthood supporters were hitting us with hard jump ropes”

cop pushing proabort

Over 25% of Planned Parenthood’s were protested yesterday as part of the nationwide #ProtestPP event that seeks to expose the abortion giant for criminal practices, their betrayal of women and young girls and to ultimately defund them of half a billion dollars of taxpayer they get every year.

Most of the rallies were peaceful, even though Planned Parenthood supporters came out to counter-protest – but a few of the rallies were not peaceful at all. The one in Washington, DC forced police to physically push pro-abortion protestors who were blocking pro-lifers and shoving them. The protest in Portland involved Planned Parenthood supporters throwing around hardened jump ropes, which one pro-life woman got caught up in and needed police assistance to get her to safety.

This video is from our Virginias Regional Coordinator, Lori Cascio, who was at the Planned Parenthood protest in Washington, DC (around the one minute is where the confrontations begin):

In Portland our Northwest Regional Coordinator, Katie Lodjic, relayed this story:

There were protesters there already when we drove up to the Planned Parenthood and they were yelling obscenities, swinging the long hard plastic jump-ropes around, and
had signs that said “abort everyone,” “pussy bites back” “GOP: Grabbing of Pussies” (with a drawing of someone actually doing it) “your kids an a**hole,” “thank God for abortions” etc..

When we got out there with our signs, the protesters started intermingling with us and pushing us around. When the speakers started, they moved their jump ropes closer to us, and they were hitting us all in the backs with them, and shoving us forward.

There was a pro-life woman who got tangled up in the jump ropes and there was a big confrontation, and the cops had to come and separate them, and told them to stop hitting us with the ropes.
The protesters shoved their way in to be right in front of the speakers and were screaming at us so loud that you couldn’t hear the rally speakers. They were chanting “Prolife men have got to go, if you’re pregnant let us know” and “free abortions on demand and without apology” and “my body, my choice.”

Then they started grabbing all the brochures off our table and throwing them away. There were several confrontations where the police actually had to physically step in between people. There were a lot of good people there though, too, most of the speakers were priests or deacons. And we were able to hold our ground there for the whole hour and a half.

In Detroit, the vulgarity of the abortion supporters were on a whole other level. 

This is from a pro-lifer on the ground there: “We stood with the pro-life crowd at the Detroit Planned Parenthood protest today. What a surreal experience. Our time consisted of praying rosaries and we were met with physical and verbal violence including shoving and knocking to the ground, middle fingers and “f*** you” in our face and spitting at the crucifixes…Unfortunately that wasn’t even the worst. Eventually that huge crowd started pushing and shoving our small group and putting middle fingers in our faces etc.”

In St. Paul, Students for Life’s president, Kristan Hawkins, was there speaking at the #protestPP rally in front of the third largest Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the nation. 

Video of Kristan’s speech: https://www.facebook.com/studentsforlife/videos/10154236229002927/

Planned Parenthood supporters, activated by the large “Women’s March” in the twin cities, came out in droves. While the pro-life rally was going on, they marched in circles in their own permitted section. Kristan went into their crowd before and after the pro-life rally, and Johanna Dasteel from our team had some interesting conversations with the abortion supporters. In one video she live streamed, you can clearly see the Planned Parenthood protestor with a “keep your laws off of my body” type of sign tried to grab and steal our camera phone.

(Livestream of the attempted camera stealer: https://www.facebook.com/studentsforlife/videos/10154236133872927/

The Socialists there recruiting for their cause weren’t too happy we stopped by to talk to them.

(Livestream of Kristan trying to talk to the proud Socialists: https://www.facebook.com/studentsforlife/videos/10154236302107927/

And of course, women who claimed to be Wiccan can out dressed up in scary costumes to support the abortion Goliath.