Planned Parenthood Supporter Claims Abortion Reduced Black Crime

Planned Parenthood Supporter Claims Abortion Reduced Black Crime

Bethany Janzen, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

On Saturday, August 19th, a middle-aged white man who supports Planned Parenthood confronted a minority member of the Students for Life protestors with racist remarks.

Ten pro-life high school, college, and young professionals stood peacefully outside of Dona Laurita Art and Photography which is hosting a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Louisville, Colorado. But many Planned Parenthood supporters did not respond in a similarly respectful demeanor.

One of these was a middle-aged white man who stopped with his family, inquiring why Kimberly, a minority graduate of a local university was holding a “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” sign. Kimberly explained that Planned Parenthood does abortions which end an innocent human life. His response? Abortion is good because the crime rate has lowered since the 60’s due to a reduction in black crime.

Confused, Kimberly told him that about 66% of black children are aborted. The man responded this is why the crime rate went down.

“I asked him if less black people meant less crime and he said that’s exactly what he meant,” Kimberly stated.

As a minority herself, Kimberly realized that this man is racist and close-minded. Personally feeling the affront on people minorities, she had to walk away from the conversation.

This man’s racist view that abortion is good because it reduces the African American population is not isolated. On campus and in the community, we often hear Planned Parenthood supporters state that abortion is needed “for poor black women.”

As our nation reels in unrest from last week’s events in Charlottesville, it is important that we recognize the racism that many abortion supporters possess.