Gabriel Penner

California/Nevada Regional Coordinator
[email protected]

Gabriel Penner grew up outside of San Luis Obispo, California and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo after studying Business.

Gabe grew up in a pro-life Catholic home and remembers having debates with his classmates about abortion. In high school, he was a member of the pro-life club and saw the movie Unplanned in theaters which made him unapologetically pro-life.

In college, Gabe became an officer for the Students for Life Club at Cal Poly. During this time, the club hosted multiple large fundraiser dinners for community members and hosted Trent Horn. The club also hosted tabling events where they engaged with students about abortion. This inspired Gabe to see the value that each conversation has in changing the culture this country has around abortion.

Gabe currently resides in San Luis Obispo, CA with his wife and serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life’s California/Nevada Regional Coordinator. This work includes recruiting, training, and mentoring pro-life students within the states of California and Nevada.

Gabe can be contacted at [email protected].