Oh, so charming

By Reagan Barklage, West Regional Director

One question I often get from my Facebook friends is, “Why do you ‘like’ Planned Parenthood on Facebook?” My answer is simple: to see what they are up to.

Take their latest sabotaging attempt, for example. On Monday, Great Plains Planned Parenthood posted, “#GrabYourWallet and boycott businesses that support PP Charming charlieextremists…like Charming Charlie in Leawood.”

Planned Parenthood wasn’t too happy that Charming Charlie’s hosted a fundraising day supporting Kansans for Life, and thus decided to boycott. Me on the other hand, I was thrilled!

Finally, a business that I spend a good chunk of money at, doesn’t donate a portion to Planned Parenthood.

Note to pro-lifers: if you are ever trying to find companies to support, locate the companies that Planned Parenthood hates.

Good ol’ PP also decided to attack Charming Charlie’s on Facebook by writing terrible reviews on their page. When I initially saw that post, Charming Charlie’s star rating was at a 1.1.

That wasn’t working for me. I mean seriously, “I have enough jewelry,” – said no one ever.  So leave it up to the #prolifegen to take over Planned Parenthood’s sabotaging plans. Within hours Charming Charlie’s star rating boosted to a 3.7 and the number of 5 star reviews doubled the number of 1 star reviews.

Nice try Planned Parenthood. I know this isn’t a Social Media War- but look at how
something so simple as backing up a company had us come together, stand up for Charming Charlie ReaganLIFE, and sabotage Planned Parenthood’s own sabotage plans. This just goes to show that Planned Parenthood doesn’t stand a chance against the #prolifegen.

Also, a PSA to my husband. My increase in money spent at Charming Charlie’s is for the cause. I repeat, for the cause.