Mizzou Attempts to Scare Students Away from New Campus Tour

Students for Life of America’s brand new campus tour this semester is all about revealing the cycle of corruption between taxpayer-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood and their enormous influence over one political party. The display consists of banners outlining the tax dollars Planned Parenthood gets and how they are able to significantly buy like-minded politicians so that they will vote for more money for Planned Parenthood and no regulations on abortion facilities. The display also outlines the platforms on abortion for both political parties and challenges students to make positive and life-affirming changes within their own party.

It’s an information-filled tour where everything is sourced and cited. The pictures used are symbols and icons so nothing offensive, unless dollar bill signs and piggy banks upset people.

Apparently they do because a Student Service Coordinator at the University of Missouri sent this out to a listserv ahead of Mizzou Students for Life bringing the display to their campus tomorrow:

On September 28 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – the anti-abortion group will be hosting their display on Lowry Mall. This display may have some graphic images that could be troubling to you. Wanted you to be aware of this so you can take alternate routes to class/avoid this area if this is something that would bother you.

The school never even bothered to ask the Mizzou Students for Life group about the display but the president did email the person who sent it out and explained there are no graphic images and that it is a display about information that many people many find interesting. The goal of the display is to start dialogue, not to be offensive.

But nope. College students can learn more about sensitive issues from helpful and civil discussions instead of having the school try to shelter them with safe spaces and trigger warnings. No word yet on if the employee of the school who sent out the email will send a correction.