Mika & Joe are Fake News, Should Apologize

Mika & Joe, the hosts of Morning Joe on MSNBC, disparaged Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the President, on their show on Monday. They said she secretly hates her boss and is basically only doing this for the money.

For those of us who have known Kellyanne and worked with her for years, this was obviously something Mika & Joe made up for whatever reason. Kellyanne doesn’t even speak like that and is way classier than to disparage her boss to the press.

Our president Kristan Hawkins, released the following statement and demanded the hosts of Morning Joe apologize for their ridiculous comments:

“Desperate for ratings or just vengeful retribution for who knows what, the hosts of Morning Joe earlier this week decided to attack Kellyanne Conway and without any kind of evidence, attributed words to her that she, without a doubt, would never say, including that she only in the job for the money.

“Oh please, Kellyanne had a very successful polling company and turned down millions of dollars after she became the first female to run a successful presidential campaign. She’s uprooted her family to take a job in the White House, a position of public service that doesn’t rake in the big bucks. I’ve known Kellyanne for years and she is someone who would never disparage her boss publicly, especially in the way that the hosts of Morning Joe alleged. Mika and Joe just became the epitome of fake news. They should apologize for their unprofessional and deceitful behavior.”