Flyers and Brochures

The posters on this page are designed specifically for you to help get the conversation going at your medical school, and can be customized to help promote your Med Students for Life group in the process.  Topics include: Conscience rights, perinatal hospice and palliative care,  fetal development, fetal pain, adoption, and IVF (more topics coming soon! Contact us to suggest topics which would be helpful on your campus).  Each flyer includes a unique web address which hosts all the scientific, medical, and legal resources consulted in their creation.

See below for previews of each flyer, and a link to download the printable PDF versions of each poster.

Want to further customize a flyer with additional information, or insert your MedSFL group’s logo on the page?  Contact us here for assistance.

Poster 1: Conscience Rights (Click here to download PDF)

Poster 2: Perinatal Hospice and Palliative Care (Click here to download PDF)

Poster 3: Fetal Development Flyer No. 1 (Conception-6 weeks) (Click here to download PDF)

Poster 4: Fetal Development Flyer No. 2 (7-12 weeks gestation) (Click here to download PDF)

Poster 5: Fetal Pain Flyer (Click here to download PDF)

Poster 6: Adoption (Click here to download PDF)

Poster 7: In Vetro Fertilization (Click here to download PDF)